CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A report released March 5 by USLAW NETWORK shows many counties in West Virginia with a moderate judicial profile, though each panhandle with a definite stance.

USLAW, an international organization comprised of 108 defense-based law firms, released its 2013 State Judicial Profiles by County on March 5. USLAW says the report is supported by the common consensus of many lawyers whose understanding of each jurisdiction is based on personal experience and opinion.

“The home field advantage comes from knowing and understanding the venue in a way that allows a competitive advantage – a truism in both sports and business,” wrote Roger M. Yaffe, the CEO of USLAW.

“Jurisdictional awareness is a key ingredient to successfully operating throughout the United States. Knowing the local rules, the judge and the ‘gossip’ provides a unique competitive advantage.”

Yaffe added that the report is more a reflection of juries than of judges. USLAW’s report has pockets of blue in the southern and northern areas of the state, indicating a liberal judicial profile.

The northern area starts at the top with Hancock and Brooke, skips Ohio (listed as moderate) and continues southwest with Wetzel, Tyler and Pleasants counties.

In the south, the liberal blue begins with McDowell then moves northern to Wyoming, Mingo, Logan, Boone and Lincoln counties.

Much of the Eastern Panhandle is red, though its most eastern and populous counties (Berkeley and Jefferson) are listed as moderate.

Morgan, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral, Grant and Pendleton are all red, as are nearby Preston and Tucker counties.

Clay County (blue) and Upshur (red) provide dots of color in the middle of the state, while all counties not mentioned are moderate.

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