by Lawrence Smith |
Mar. 15, 2013, 7:00am

Jan. 10
William Ray Carper, Sr. vs. Concord Baptist Church, Jeffrey Carper, David Carper, Brian Carper, Larry Duane Carper, Tammy Henry, Deborah Henry, Park A. Parsons, Michael A. Carper, David R. Carper, Sheila Baird, Edna Fisher and Maggie Lynn Parsons
PA- Tanya Hunt Handley; J– Nibert
* The petitioner is seeking a court order declaring ownership of six of the eight burial plots at Concord Baptist Church in Southside allegedly given to his mother, Maggie Carper, following the death of his father George in 1958 by George’s former employer.
Case number: 13-C-10

Feb. 27
Former Sergeant William H. Gritt vs. Former Sheriff Michael Roach
PA– Karen H. Miller and Michael N. Eachus; J– Nibert
*The plaintiff is appealing the Nov. 29 decision of the Mason County Civil Service Commission firing him.
Case number: 13-AA-35

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