CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

by John O'Brien |
Mar. 29, 2013, 7:05am

March 12
Patricia Markle v. Shenandoah Valley Medical Center and Krista Lynn Hopkins, M.D.
PA- D. Michael Burke; J- Wilkes
* In 2010, the plaintiff was 44 years old and receiving Depo-Provera birth control injections from the defendants. She claims they caused a pain in her right shoulder that radiated through her arm. A trip to Johns Hopkins University revealed right shoulder avascular necrosis, she says. She is also represented by Paulson & Nace in Washington, D.C.
Case number: 13-c-185

March 18
RM Roach and Sons v. Shiley Construction Company
PA- Christopher Moore; J- Silver
* The plaintiff claims Shiley is in breach of a contract signed Feb. 16, 2011, and is seeking $9,783.56.
Case number: 13-c-213

March 21
Tamara Ware v. City Hospital
PA- David M. Hammer; J- Yoder
* The plaintiff was filed from her job as nurse manager of oncology and vascular therapy on March 21, 2011. She alleges she was fired for showing concern about the patient load increase under a new medical director, and also claims he was giving false hope to "obviously terminal" cancer patients. She was making $92,000 at the time she was fired, she says.
Case number: 13-c-217

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