Whatever happened to that guy who used to be our state attorney general – you know, the one that served five terms? What was his name again? Magoo? MacGyver?

McGraw? That’s it! Darrell McGraw. He had the same last name as that cartoon horse. What a character he was, always promoting himself with public funds and doling out contingency contracts to cronies. He’s got a lot of free time on his hands, now that he’s not a big-shot public figure anymore.

His wife’s also enjoying unwonted and unwanted leisure. She also had a big-shot public position, until recently. What a coincidence. Of course, she was appointed, not elected.

Yes, Jorea Marple (Aka Mrs. Darrell “Quick Draw” McGraw) got fired as state superintendent of schools right after the fateful election. Maybe her clout collapsed when hubby lost his ability to win friends and influence people at public expense.

But she’s not taking her termination lying down. She’s suing the state Board of Education for firing her. Not that it didn’t have the perfect right to do so. It’s just that she didn’t want to be fired, the board’s decision caught her off guard, and being fired is kind of embarrassing. That’s just not the sort of thing you do to the wife of the five-term state attorney general, even if he has just lost his bid for a sixth term.

Will Ms. Marple get her job back? Not likely. Will Mr. Marple run for attorney general again, in hopes of securing that elusive sixth term? Probably not. But don’t feel sorry for the “Quick Draw” McGraws. They’ll do just fine, at the continuing expense of West Virginia taxpayers, earning a combined $180,000 annually in state pensions.

That’s $6,227 a month from the Public Employees Retirement System for Darrell and $8,921 a month from the Teachers Retirement Fund for Jorea.

A sweet deal for two people who just got fired.

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