By Lawrence Smith | May 3, 2013

Feb. 28

Roy E. Layfield vs. Worthington Golf Club, Inc. and Gale P. Taylor
PA– David M. Goldenberg; J– Beane
*The plaintiff is suing the defendants for allegedly violating the state Wage Payment and Collection Act by failing to pay him his six months severance package within 72 hours of his termination on Jan. 31. 2012. He seeks judgment for $46,661.40 plus court costs and attorneys fees.
Case number: 13-C-78

David McMurray vs. West Virginia CVS Pharmacy, LLC
PA– W.B. Richardson, Jr.; J– Beane
*The plaintiff is suing the defendant for injuries he sustained after allegedly taking medication on March 1, 2011 meant, for David McGray which made him physically ill. He seeks unspecified damages, interest and court costs.
Case number: 13-C-81

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