May 1
Rex Drummond vs. Leonard McComber
PA-Peter A. Pentony; J-David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims that on May 4, 2011, the defendant slammed his vehicle into the back of Plaintiff's vehicle. Plaintiff allegedly suffered serious and permanent injuries as well as lost wages and other financial hardships. Plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages.
Case Number: 13-C-149

May 2
Edward Lang and Georgiana Lang vs. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc., a division of Wells Fargo Bank N.A. And HSBC Bank USA N.A.
PA: Andrew Skinner; J-David Sanders
*Plaintiff alleges breach of promise regarding refinancing of home. Plaintiff also alleges unconscionable inducement, contract defense of fraud and illegal debt collection. Plaintiff seeks actual damages and civil penalties for each alleged violation.
Case Number: 13-C-150

May 6
West Virginia Human Rights Commission, on its own behalf and on behalf of Marcia Grace vs. Amy Associates WV, LLC
PA: J. Robert Leslie J-David Sanders
*Plaintiff Grace alleges she contacted Defendant when she saw an advertisement for an apartment at a Charles Town location and told Defendant that she had a mental disability. She says she never received a requested application for leasing the apartment. She alleges discrimination based on a disability or perceived disability. Plaintiff seeks punitive damages, actual damages and civil penalties.
Case Number: 13-C-157

May 7
Jessica Cantner vs. American Red Cross, Mid Atlantic Region and John or Jane Doe
*Plaintiff alleges that on June 7, 2011 she attempted to donate blood. Defendant Doe stuck several times to find a vein, the suit says. Plaintiff alleges that she felt a sharp pain from elbow to wrist and later suffered pain and numbness for several weeks. Plaintiff was diagnosed by a neurologist with left-sided ulnar neuropathy and left-sided median neuropathy, the suit says. She says underwent surgery in March 2012. Plaintiff alleges vicarious liability/respondeat superior and negligence. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages past and future, medical costs, lost wages and any other award.
Case Number: 13-C-158

May 9
Robert Harker vs. Steven T. Smoot
PA: Lawrence M. Schultz; J-David Sanders
*Plaintiff alleges Defendant failed to stop his vehicle, which resulted in a collision in a May 2011 incident. Plaintiff alleges negligence and recklessness. Plaintiff incurred medical expenses in excess of $36,000 and seeks all damages from the court case.
Case Number: 13-C-160

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