The following are lists of West Virginia attorneys named in the 2013 edition of West Virginia Super Lawyers, as submitted by their respective law firms.

Super Lawyers is published by Law & Politics and uses a selection process that begins with peer nomination. Each nomination is researched and reviewed against criteria, including a blue-ribbon panel by practice group.

Only 5 percent of West Virginia attorneys are listed in 2013 Super Lawyers.

Kay Casto & Chaney
Robert B. Allen
Rebecca A. Betts
William W. Booker
Michael T. Chaney
Teresa J. Dumire*
John D. "Jack" Hoblitzell
John R. Hoblitzell
Craig M. Kay
John R. McGhee, Jr.
Ariella G. Silberman
Shannon P. Smith
Steven L. Thomas
Constance H. Weber
Stephen A. Weber

Spilman Thomas & Battle
Paul M. Black, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights
Samuel M. Brock, III, Employment & Labor
Kevin L. Carr, Employment & Labor
James S. Crockett, Jr., Business Litigation
William M. Herlihy, Energy & Natural Resources
Elliot G. Hicks, General Litigation
Eric W. Iskra, Employment & Labor
Bruce M. Jacobs, Business Litigation
Eric E. Kinder, Employment & Labor
Neva G. Lusk, Civil Litigation Defense
Joyce F. Ofsa, Real Estate
Don C.A. Parker, Insurance Coverage
Niall A. Paul, Class Actions
Sharon L. Potter, General Litigation
King F. Tower, Employment & Labor
James A. Walls, Business Litigation
Charles L. Woody, Employment & Labor
Andrew P. Arbogast, Personal Injury Defense: Products
Alyesha P. Asghar, Employment & Labor
Angela L. Beblo, Consumer Law
Amy King Condaras, Bonds/Government Finance
Kelly B. Griffith, General Litigation
Carrie M. Harris, Employment & Labor
Grant P.H. Shuman, General Litigation
Ellen J. Vance, Employment & Labor
Richard M. Wallace, Employment & Labor

Dinsmore & Shohl
Mark A. Carter, Employment & Labor
Anna M. Dailey, Employment & Labor
John F. Hussell, IV, Estate & Probate
W. Henry Jernigan, Jr., Business Litigation
Donna C. Kelly, Energy & Resources
Brian J. Moore, Employment & Labor
Christopher B. Power, Environmental
William E. Robinson, Employment Litigation: Defense
Forrest H. Roles, Employment & Labor
Robert M. Stonestreet, Civil Litigation Defense

Anne D. Harman, Personal Injury Defense: Products
Denise Klug Pentino, Civil Litigation Defense

Jill Cranston Rice, Health Care
David M. Thomas, Bankruptcy

Jacob A. Manning, Business Litigation

Michael Proctor, Civil Litigation Defense
Joshua S. Rogers, Estate & Trust Litigation

Jason S. Long, Schools & Education

Huddleston Bolen
Craig Banford, Class Action Lawsuits
Richard Bolen, Energy and Natural Resources
Tom Gilpin, Energy and Natural Resources
Tom Murray, Mergers and Acquisitions
Kevin Nelson, Employment Litigation
Chris Plybon, Real Estate
Mary Sanders, Insurance Coverage
Scott Sheets, Employment and Labor Law

Jackson Kelly
Robby J. Aliff, Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice
David A. Barnette, Business Litigation
Ellen S. Cappellanti, Bankruptcy
Stephen R. Crislip, Professional Liability: Defense
A.L. Emch, Civil Litigation Defense
Michael M. Fisher, General Litigation
David M. Flannery, Environmental
Samme L. Gee, Bonds/Government Finance
Gary W. Hart, Personal Injury Defense: Products
Timothy E. Huffman, Workers’ Compensation
Thomas J. Hurney, Jr., Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice
Erin E. Magee, Employment & Labor
Jill McIntyre, Professional Liability: Defense
Robert G. McLusky, Environmental
Daniel L. Stickler, Energy & Natural Resources
Kenneth E. Tawney, Energy & Natural Resources
James W. Thomas, Health Care
Michael B. Victorson, Personal Injury Defense: Products
Roger A. Wolfe, Employment & Labor

Marcia A. Broughton, Estate Planning & Probate

Lynn O. Frye, Personal Injury Defense: Products
William J. Powell, Business Litigation

Stephen M. LaCagnin, Employment & Labor
Kathy L. Snyder, Workers’ Compensation

Larry W. Blalock, Employment & Labor

Farrell, White & Legg
Michael J. Farrell

Jenkins Fenstermaker
Barry M. Taylor, Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Defense
Robert H. Sweeney, Jr., General Litigation
Lee Murray Hall, Insurance Coverage

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