CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

By John O'Brien | Jul 30, 2013

July 15
John W. Coombs and Martha L. Coombs vs. SunTrust Bank
PA- Garry G. Geffert; J- Yoder
*The plaintiffs, a Berkeley County couple, say they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Oct. 19 and notified SunTrust, which continued to contact them despite being notified they were represented by counsel, in violation of state law.
Case number: 13-C-501

July 19
David A. Moore and Kathryn Moore v. Capital One Bank U.S.A.
PA- Sarah L. Hinkle; J- Silver
*In 2011, the plaintiffs bell behind on the credit card payments owed to the defendant. On Oct. 20, 2011, they say they retained David J. Hinkle as counsel but were still contacted by the defendant, in violation of state law.
Case number: 13-C-506

William T. Dwyer and Tammy S. Dwyer vs. Prestige Financial Services
PA- Sarah L. Hinkle; J- Yoder
*The plaintiffs, of Inwood, say they owed a debt to the defendant and retained counsel on Jan. 15, 2011. The Dwyers say Prestige still contacted them and threatened to call their family members, in violation of state law.
Case number: 13-C-513

July 22
Illona Ramsey vs. Springfield Financial Services, Inc.
PA- David B. Levin; J- Silver
*Ramsey says the defendant began contacting her in 2012 to collect on a debt. On Jan. 24, she requested it stop calling her at her place of employment, but Springfield continued to do so, she claims.
Case number: 13-C-521

Michael Slonin vs. Buckley Data Group and 7Delta, Inc.
PA- David M. Hammer; J- Yoder
*Slonin says he was offered a job by BDG on March 5 but was fired April 19. He says the defendants failed to pay his wages - $9,382.12 – within 72 hours, in violation of state law.
Case number: 13-C-522

July 24
West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways, and Paul Mattox Jr., Secretary of Transportation, Commission of Highways vs. Francis Silver V, Jane Gloria Richman, Silver Family Land Trust, Dennis Berman, Colonial Funeral Home
PA- Timothy M. Sirk; J- Wilkes
*The state agency is petitioning the court to condemn land owned by the defendants for public use. The agency seeks to build a public road and has been unable to come to an agreement with the defendants.
Case number: 13-C-529

July 25
Pam N. Henry vs. Potomac Housing Realtors LLC
PA- David M. Hammer; J- Silver
*Henry worked for the defendant from June 5, 2007, to Jan. 23, 2012, and also rented a residence from them. She claims it did not pay her final wages within 72 hours of her firing and wrongfully deducted rent payments from her paychecks.
Case number: 13-C-533

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