Ford being sued for not listing a thing it doesn’t offer

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 2, 2013

Not a single Ford car manufactured between 2002 and 2010 came with bullet-proof glass. Nor did the Ford Motor Co. warn its customers that the windows on its vehicles offered for sale during that eight-year period were not bullet-proof.

Can you imagine what might have happened if any of its customers happened to drive through an outdoor shooting range or a war zone one day? That would have been a fine time to find out that none of the windows could withstand gunfire!

No Ford made between 2002 and 2010 offered infinite-capacity gas tanks, either. Did the company warn potential buyers about this glaring defect? Oh no. The new owners had to find out on their own -- when they used up the fuel--that the car suddenly stopped running, and that irritating little bell on the dash finally stopped dinging.

Believe it or not, no Ford from the last decade came equipped with the Greatest Hits of Barry Manilow. Who knows how many Ford customers can’t smile without Barry warbling on the car sound systems, and how many of them must have headed for work or weekend fun fully expecting their built-in CD player to automatically cue up “Copacabana”? Did Ford warn them about this design flaw? No, it built the cars that made the whole world cry.

Another thing Ford didn’t put in its cars is a Brake Over Accelerator or Brake-Throttle Override. Of course, the company never claimed that its cars offered such a device, but then it didn’t expressly state that they didn’t, either.

Three class action suits against Ford are currently being consolidated in Huntington federal court. The company is being sued for making cars without a part that wasn’t meant to be included, and for failing to tell customers that the not-included thing wasn’t there.

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