FAYETTEVILLE - A retiree from Boomer is suing over claims her former employer routinely denied women equal pay for equal work.

Boomer resident Brenda Manley filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit on June 7 in the Circuit Court of Fayette County against W.Va. Manufacturing, previously known as Union Carbide, Elken Metals and Globe Manufacturers.

Manley says in the 27 years she worked for the defendant, the company refused to promote her to "lead furnace operator," which paid a dollar more on the hour, because of her sex.

Throughout her employment, she performed the work of a lead and trained other employees, but the company failed to reward her work with a promotion. All the lead positions were occupied by men, according to the brief.

W. Va. Manufacturing first hired Boomer in 1979 as a cleaner and packer for $6.59 an hour, the petition states. The company then laid her off in 1981, but rehired her in 1987 as a cleaner-packer for $9.09 an hour. She retired as a furnace operator on June 15, 2012.

Manley is seeking punitive damages, court costs and attorneys fees. She is being represented in the case by Charleston attorneys Michael T. Clifford, Richelle K. Garlow.

Fayette County Civil Action No. 13-C-147(B).

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