FAYETTEVILLE - A Montgomery nursing home is being sued over claims a resident died after suffering "systematic abuse and neglect."

Kanawha resident Nancy Shelton, on behalf of the Hattie Lucas Estate, filed a wrongful death suit on March 26 in the Circuit Court of Fayette County, against Montgomery General Hospital, doing business as Montgomery General Hospital Extended Care Unit and Montgomery General Health System Inc.

Shelton says in the filing that from Jan. 1, 2011, through June 10, 2011, her mother, Hattie Lucas, experienced a "pattern of neglect and abuse," while residing at the Montgomery General Hospital Extended Care Unit, located at 401 Sixth Ave.

Hospital employees' "wanton disregard" for Ms. Lucas' well-being, led to numerous falls, a broken left hip and her eventual death on June 10, 2011, according to the brief.

The Hattie Lucas Estate is seeking attorneys fees, court costs and punitive damages. It is being represented in the case by Charleston attorney Andrew Paternostro.

Fayette County Circuit Court Civil Action No. 13-C72.

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