CIVIL FILINGS: Jefferson County

By Toni L. Milbourne | Sep 6, 2013

Aug. 6
Citibank NA vs. Jeffrey D. Runion aka Jeff D. Runion
PA- Tyler Lansden; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims that defendant owes at least $16,921.43 plus interest in a past due credit agreement.
Case Number: 13-C-279

Aug. 9
Devena Gail Leon Guerro Walburn and Sarah Leon Guerro vs. Elizabeth Marie Diaz
PA- Brenda Waugh; J-David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims on Sept. 5, 2011, Defendant negligently and carelessly drove in a manner causing an accident, causing serious and permanent injury to plaintiff. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages in excess of $14,000 plus all other damages and fees.
Case Number: 13-C-284

Aug. 15
Susan S. Myers vs. Bruce D. Klinger
PA- F. Samuel Byrer; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims that on Aug. 18, 2011, Defendant negligently and recklessly operated a motor vehicle causing a collision with Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claims serious and permanent injuries, loss of employment and seeks all compensatory damages and other fees.
Case Number: 13-C-288

Aug. 20
Deborah Nelson, duly appointed Personal Representative of the Estate of Randy Lawrence Nelson, Jr. vs R.M. Staubs Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Stonewall’s @Tony’s Pizza and James Leroy Greuber, IV
PA- Mark Jenkinson; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims that on Sept. 4, 2011, Defendant negligently served alcohol to Randy Nelson, who was incapacited due to consumption of alcohol. Plaintiff claims Greuber failed to render aid which resulted in the wrongful death of Nelson who suffered injuries while in Greuber’s vehicle. Plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages and all costs.
Case Number: 13-C-292

Aug. 20
Lentz Milling Co. vs. J&J Bakeries, Inc. d/b/a Royalicious Bagel Bakery and John Constantino
PA- Edward Hagan; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff alleges a breach of contract between parties and seeks a minimum of $13,691.46 plus interest and all costs.
Case Number: 13-C-293

Aug. 23
April Rohrkaste vs. Jimmy Baugher & WV Dept. of Highways, WV Dept. of Transportation
PA- J. Michael Cassell; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff claims Aug. 23, 2011, Baugher operated a dump truck while in the employ of the WV DOH and collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff seeks $25,000 plus costs and fees.
Case Number: 13-C-294

Aug. 28
American Express Bank FSB vs. Donna Miller
PA- Paul Atkins; J- David Sanders
*Plaintiff alleges Defendant owes at least $64,511.29 for past due credit agreement.
Case Number 13-C-299

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