PRINCETON - Bluefield Regional Medical Center is being sued over claims a patient died after receiving inadequate medical care.

Mercer County resident Jerry Campbell, on behalf of the Judy Darnell Campbell Estate, filed a wrongful death suit on Feb. 7 in the Circuit Court of Mercer County, against Bluefield Hospital Company LLC, doing business as Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Community Health Systems Professional Services Corp., Dr. Bruce Lasker, Dr. Byron Smith and Lori Wright, R.N.

Campbell says on Nov. 2, 2011, his wife, Judy Darnell Campbell, underwent surgery at the Bluefield Regional Medical Center, located on Cherry Street in Bluefield. The complaint alleges that the hospital and medical staff performed numerous negligent acts.

Specifically, Judy Darnell Campbell did not give informed consent to the surgery, the hospital was understaffed and therefore not able to provide adequate care to patients, the staff failed to properly monitor post-surgery complications and medical staff did not follow the policies and procedures of the hospital, according to the complaint.

As a result of these actions, and others, Judy Darnell Campbell experienced internal bleeding, resulting in hemorrhage, hemorrhagic shock, cardiac arrest, multiple organ failure and death, according to the brief.

The Judy Darnell Campbell Estate is seeking attorney's fees, court costs and punitive damages. It is being represented in the case by Bluefield attorney Lawrence Morhous.

Mercer County Civil Action No. 13-C-57.

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