Eight lawsuits filed against HealthSouth Corporation allege sexual harassment

By Kyla Asbury | Sep 23, 2013

Cabell County Courthouse

HUNTINGTON - Eight lawsuits have been filed against HealthSouth Corporation for alleged sexual harassment by a fellow co-worker.

Todd Gillette was also named as a defendant in the suit.

Tammy Banks, Danielle Burke, Rebecca Fotos, Bethany Huff, Alice Jenkins, Toni Little, Erin McCoy and Wendy Percy were employees of HealthSouth and each of the plaintiffs had to work with Gillette until his employment was terminated in May or June, according to eight complaints filed Sept. 13 in Cabell Circuit Court.

The plaintiffs claim Gillette took liberties with their bodies by improperly touching and rubbing them against their will and contrary to their requests to stop.

Gillette's actions were severe, pervasive and unwelcome, according to the suit, and Gillette would make comments, gestures and physical touching or assaults daily to some or all of the plaintiffs and in front of and to his supervisors, according to the suits.

The plaintiffs claim even when Gillette would commit acts of a lewd and sexual nature to his own supervisor, he was not reprimanded.

"The comments and actions are so obscene and shocking that they are not being published in this complaint," the complaint states.

The plaintiffs claim Gillette would warn them not to tell, that he could get away with anything, that the supervisor was wrapped around his finger, that he could do whatever he wanted and he threatened to kill the plaintiffs, their children or burn their houses down.

When any incident involving Gillette was reported to management of HealthSouth, the plaintiffs were told it was just the way Gillette was and that allegations without proof should not be made, according to the suits.

The plaintiffs claim Gillette's actions grew bolder, more obscene and became more physically abusive due to the failure of HealthSouth to take any action against him.

Gillette's conduct was extreme, outrageous, reckless and with the intent of causing the plaintiffs severe emotional distress, according to the suits.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. They are being represented by Amy C. Crossan and Neil R. Bouchillon of Bouchillon, Crossan & Colburn LC.

The cases have been assigned to Circuit Judge David M. Pancake.

Cabell Circuit Court case numbers: 13-C-668, 13-C-669 13-C-670, 13-C-671, 13-C-672, 13-C-673, 13-C-674

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