PRINCETON - Ronnie K. Compton filed suit in Mercer County Circuit Court on Aug. 15, naming Frederick Barker, MD, doing business as Four Seasons Surgical, as the defendant.

Compton clams he underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy performed by Dr. Barker in August 2011. Compton alleges that during that surgery, pieces of the endo sac bag, which were utilized to transport and remove the gallbladder through a trocar site, tore off and remained inside of Compton.

According to Compton, Dr. Barker knew the foreign object remained in Compton and it was likely to cause infection or other complications but Dr. Barker was unable to locate it after a considerable effort.

Compton claims that during a post-operative visit, he told Dr. Barker about pain he was having in his abdomen, but Dr. Barker told him it was unrelated to the foreign object when, in fact, it was due to the foreign object.

Eventually, Compton says he underwent another surgery to remove the object but had suffered in pain up until that point. Compton alleges Dr. Barker was negligent in his treatment and seeks to hold him liable for his injuries.

Compton is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages. He is represented by attorney Tony L. O'Dell.

Circuit Court of Mercer County Case No. 13-C-325

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