WINFIELD - Hannah Rabey filed suit in Putnam County Circuit Court on Nov. 7, naming Midland Credit Management Inc. as the defendant.

According to Rabey, she is the victim of Midland's abusive debt collection practices.

Rabey claims she was constantly called and annoyed by Midland after she became in arrears on her consumer debt. Rabey allegedly informed Midland she was represented by an attorney and provided his contact information for future calls.

Rabey accuses Midland of constantly calling her even after providing her attorney's contact information in violation of West Virginia code 46A-2-128(e).

Rabey accuses Midland of violating West Virginia's Consumer Credit and Protection Act, as well as negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Rabey is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages and wants her debt cancelled. She is being represented by attorney Benjamin Sheridan.

Along with the complaint, Rabey filed a stipulation that limits her damages to $75,000. If she sought anything more, it would give the defendant grounds to remove the suit to U.S. District Court.

Circuit Court of Putnam County Case No. 13-C-357

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