Wheelchair-bound patient’s estate sues provider following head injury in transport

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 10, 2015

PRINCETON—A Mercer County estate executor filed suit against a medical transport company claiming negligence in a 2013 injury purportedly leading to a Bluefield man’s death.

Regina Perfin filed a complaint as executor of the estate of John Perfin, deceased, against Stat EMS LLC on June 18 in Mercer Circuit Court asserting negligence in a July 2013 transportation mishap.

According to the filing, the plaintiff’s decedent was placed in an ambulance for non-emergency transport requested by the nursing home where he was a resident on July 25, 2013. John Perfin was in a wheelchair, and the defendant was not providing any medical services, the suit states.

The suit states that the defendant breached its duty when an attendant purportedly failed to properly secure the chair, leaving it unstable and subject to movement during transport. Court documents indicate that while the vehicle was either accelerating or stopping, the wheelchair lurched backward, causing the patient to fall, strike his head, and require immediate emergency care.

Alleging reckless failure to follow training procedures, the suit states that the defendant neglected to prevent Perfin’s injuries by not securing him properly in the ambulance.

The plaintiff claims that the senior Perfin suffered an intracranial bleed head injury requiring treatment for the duration of his life. It was not stated exactly how and when he passed away.

Asserting pain and suffering, compromised quality of life, distress, disability, and medical expenses, the plaintiff seeks damages, interest, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Regina Perfin is represented by Gregory Prudich of Sanders, Austin, Flanigan & Prudich in Princeton.

Mercer Circuit Court case number 15-C-231-OA.

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