CHARLESTON – Beth Walker's Supreme Court campaign on Tuesday announced endorsements from state lawmakers.

In the announcement, Walker's campaign said the legislators cited "her extensive experience as a lawyer and her independent, conservative judicial philosophy."

“I support Beth Walker because she will be an independent voice on our Supreme Court of Appeals," Kanawha County state Senator Ed Gaunch said. "I am confident she will be a fair and impartial judge and work to ensure that every litigant has a fair day in court.

"During the legislative session, we passed non-partisan election of judges. Beth has been a long-time advocate for the non-partisan election of judges, and she is the right choice to usher in the independence from partisanship that the courts of West Virginia deserve."

Harrison County Delegate Terry Waxman agreed.

“It has become apparent to me, as well as many others, that the West Virginia Court System is in dire need of strong, independent conservative voice," Waxman said. "Beth Walker is prepared to fill that void. She has a proven record of experience and a clear passion for judicial fairness. I am excited about supporting her candidacy.”

Other elected officials endorsing Beth Walker for Supreme Court are:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael

Senator Ryan Ferns

Senator Ed Gaunch

Senator Daniel Hall

Senator Robert Karnes

Senator Kent Leonhardt

Senator Mark Maynard

Senator David Nohe

Senator Tom Takubo

House Majority Leader Daryl Cowles

Delegate Lynne Arvon

Delegate Danny Hamrick

Delegate Jordan Hill

Delegate Eric Householder

Delegate Gary Howell

Delegate Woody Ireland

Delegate John Kelly

Delegate Kayla Kessinger

Delegate J.B. McCuskey

Delegate Josh Nelson

Delegate Amanda Pasdon

Delegate Rupie Phillips

Delegate Matthew Rohrbach

Delegate Roger Romine

Delegate Randy Smith

Delegate Kelli Sobonya

Delegate Amy Summers

Delegate Terry Waxman

“I am honored that these state leaders have offered their support for my candidacy for Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia," Walker said in a statement. "I continue to travel across West Virginia and speak with voters about my independent, conservative judicial philosophy and the need for our highest court to be above partisanship."

Earlier this summer, Walker announced her plans to run for the one seat on the court up for election in 2016. She is running against incumbent Justice Brent Benjamin. Both previously ran as Republicans, but a new law passed by the state Legislature making all judicial elections non-partisan. That means there are no party affiliations with judicial candidates, and there only will be one court election in May instead of a primary and general election.

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