WVU School of Law

MORGANTOWN – The assistant director of career services at West Virginia University College of Law has been selected to serve as a representative to the National Association for Law Placement.

Rosalind Lister will serve the remaining 18-months of a term as the regional representative for the NALP’s Southeast Region.

NALP is an association of more than 2,500 legal professionals who advise law students, offices and schools. Lister said she hopes her new role better serves the students of WVU College of Law, by connecting them with national employers.

“It lets people know what we’re doing at WVU in our office, and allows others in the nation to see that we’re an involved law school,” Lister told The West Virginia Record.

In her new role, Lister said she will be a liaison between the Southeast Region and the national organization.

“Our job is to conduct phone calls, regional conference calls with members in our region and discuss what is currently going on with the association – and get feedback from regional members about what they would like to see done,” Lister said. “I’ll be learning rom both employers and career service members at law schools, what’s going on in their areas at any given time.”

NALP membership is made up of career services at law firms and schools. The Southeast Region has four representatives, two from law schools and two from law firms, according to Lister.

Lister’s new role is purely voluntary, but she says she will be well worth the effort.

“For me personally, it allows me to learn a lot more about what other people are doing in their law schools,” Lister told The Record. “For us at WVU in particular, it will allow us to highlight some of our successes to schools nationwide.”

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