MORGANTOWN – A woman is suing Mon Health Care Inc. after she claims she was discriminated against because of her age.

Pamela G. Logar was employed by the defendant in its durable medical equipment store since 2007 as a customer service representative and had worked in the Monongalia Health System for a total of 33 years, according to a complaint filed in Monongalia Circuit Court.

Logar claims at one time she had been the assistant to the CEO of Monongalia General Hospital and worked closely with the Board members.

She had been transferred to Mon Health Care by agreement negotiated by the law firm Jackson Kelly and attorney Stephen LaCagnin under threat of termination after it was learned that she had been dating one of the board members, who she later married, according to the suit.

Logar claims there was no policy about this and other high ranking executives had engaged in similar intra-office dating without consequences, and which was common knowledge within the company.

The plaintiff was caught in a power struggle between the board members and the CEO and, after her transfer, she began being subjected to mental and verbal abuse by her supervisor, Pam Kaehler, according to the suit.

Logar claims Kaehler was obviously jealous of her age and her previous experience and high placement within the Monongalia Health System and felt threatened by her.

The plaintiff complained repeatedly about this abuse, but nothing was done about it, according to the suit.

Logar claims some of the abusive comments made by Kaehler included comments about her rate of pay; insulting her to 'wear makeup,' to which she had allergies; rudely telling her to comply with the company dress code, among other things.

All of the abuse directed toward Logar was done in a discriminatory manner verses disparate treatment of other younger employees, according to the suit.

Logar claims the stress from Kaehler's abuse was so bad that she was forced to seek medical treatment,

In June 2014, Logar had had enough abuse and she resigned from her position, according to the suit.

Logar is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. She is being represented by Edward R. Kohout.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number: 15-C-689

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