Two more lawsuits filed against former Charleston attorney

By Chris Dickerson | Nov 19, 2015

CHARLESTON – Two more lawsuits have been filed against former Charleston attorney Michael R. Martin.

Hurley Randolph and Patricia L. Quinet filed their lawsuits in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Randolph was involved in an automobile accident in 2010 and contacted Martin to represent him to obtain a settlement with Progressive Insurance in the amount of $20,000.

Randolph claims he was told that, upon signing the receipt, release and covenant, not to enforce judgment, he would receive his share of the $20,000, which was approximately $13,000, so he signed the release on Nov. 6, 2013. As of filing this complaint, he had not received any money from Martin.

Martin breached his contract with Randolph, according to his suit, by failing to pay his client his share of the settlement.

Randolph claims the defendant is guilty of neglected reasonable duties and he engaged in conduct in a reckless, outrageous, willful, wanton and malicious manner.

Martin made oral and written representations that were false and misleading at the time they were made, and they were done so deliberately, according to Randolph's suit.

Quinet claims Martin represented her in a lawsuit for injuries she suffered on Aug. 22, 2009, as a result of the City of South Charleston's negligence.

The matter was settled on June 21, 2011, for a sum of $150,000 and, according to the parties' contract, Martin was to receive $50,000 and $100,000 was to go to Quinet.

To date, Martin has only paid Quinet $3,000 and that was on Feb. 8, 2012.

Quinet claims Martin's failure to timely disburse the settlement funds and honor liens has caused her much annoyance, inconvenience and caused an undue financial burden for her.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Randolph is represented by Larry G. Kopelman.

Since January, Martin has been named in dozens of lawsuits for legal malpractice. He agreed to voluntary disbarment that month.

Kanawha Circuit Court case numbers: 15-C-1717, 15-C-1825

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