CHARLESTON – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin will hold a town hall meeting next week to talk to West Virginians about President Barack Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court.

Obama has nominated Merrick Garland for Supreme Court earlier this week. The town hall meeting will be held on March 24.

Republican members of the Senate have said they will do anything to prevent Garland from even getting a confirmation hearing, saying they believe the nominee should not come from a lame-duck president.

Manchin said in a statement that he plans to listen to the people in his home state before making a decision on whether or not he will support Garland.

Constituents will be able to e-mail their questions to Manchin, who will then ask questions to Garland.

A spokesperson for Manchin said they have also set up a webpage on our site where we will post info for constituents to read about the nominee.

The location and the time for the town hall meeting have not yet been confirmed.

The Judicial Crisis Network has launched an ad against Manchin, asking him to “let the people decide.” The ad says that Americans can fill the vacancy on the court by their vote for president at the polls in November.

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