Walker, others pull in endorsements

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 28, 2016

CHARLESTON – The state Supreme Court campaign for Beth Walker has announced some recent endorsements.

CHARLESTON – The state Supreme Court campaign for Beth Walker has announced some recent endorsements.

The Independent Insurance Agents of West Virginia announced their political action committee has endorsed Walker.

“After a significant review of the candidates in this race, it was clear to our members that Beth Walker will be an independent voice for the people and businesses of our state. She has the legal experience and judicial philosophy that will allow all parties before our state’s highest court to have a fair shake.” said David Stacy, President of the IIAWV. “Beth Walker is the only candidate that will continue to improve the judicial landscape in the Mountain State.”

The Independent Insurance Agents of West Virginia, Inc. (IIAWV) is West Virginia’s oldest and largest insurance trade association. IIAWV represents more than 1,800 licensed independent insurance agents whose primary emphasis is on property and casualty insurance. Independent agencies range in size from a family-owned one-office firm to a statewide multi-office firm. IIAWV is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of American (IIABA).

* The West Virginia Farm Bureau’s political action committee also has endorsed Walker.

“This is an extremely important race for West Virginia,” said WVFB President Charles Wilfong. “Beth Walker is strong on business and her views parallel the values of Farm Bureau. She’s been endorsed by the West Virginia Business and Industry Council, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and many other like-minded groups. We need someone with her wisdom and sense of fairness on our Supreme Court.”

Representing more than 23,000 members, the West Virginia Farm Bureau was founded in 1919 to provide leadership, education, information, training and economic services to county farm bureaus to enhance the quality of life for its members.

* U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito also has endorsed Walker’s campaign.

“I have known Beth Walker for many years,” Capito, a Republican, said. “She has an impeccable reputation as an attorney, and she has a strong sense of fairness that will make her an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

“I believe that Beth Walker will decide cases based on the law and not try to legislate from the bench.”

* The Associated Builders and Contractors of West Virginia (ABCWV) Board of Directors is endorsing Walker as well.

“West Virginia has made significant strides in the past year with regards to reforming its once predatory legal climate, opening up regulatory barriers to promote job creation and by making significant reforms to its labor laws,” ABCWV President Byran Hoylman said in a statement. “These types of changes have only been possible through a newly elected, motivated and ambitious legislative majority that is truly vested in bettering the lives of all West Virginians.

“To ensure that these reforms are not undermined by an activist Supreme Court of Appeals, it is imperative that our state’s highest judicial body continue down the path of progress with a composition of members that are impartial, understand and respect the State’s constitution and are not beholden to any special interest groups. For these reasons, along with countless others, the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABCWV) are placing its member’s support behind Beth Walker.

“Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national construction industry trade association representing nearly 21,000 chapter members. Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC and its 70 chapters help members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically, profitably and for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work.

“Beth Walker has shown throughout her career a dedication to legal objectivity, fair and impartial courts and the utmost respect for the laws that guide our state’s businesses and citizens. These characteristics are critical in a Supreme Court Justice, and our membership is more than confident that she will fulfill them. For entirely too long our Judicial system in West Virginia has been at the unpredictable mercy of a court bound by special interests. We need to restore credibility and faith in this branch of government, and Beth Walker is the only candidate on the ballot capable to getting us there.”

* * *

Other recent endorsements:

* CHARLESTON – The Associated Builders and Contractors of West Virginia (ABCWV) Board of Directors is endorsing state Senate President Bill Cole’s gubernatorial campaign.

"Advancing items such as legal reforms, tax reforms, labor reforms, regulatory reforms and other good government measures is no simple task, but when you see items such as these pass with bi-partisan support 99 percet of the time, there is a true leader at the helm," Said ABCWV President Bryan Hoylman. "In a state under single party control for nearly a century, taking on these measures as swiftly and effectively as Senate President Cole has done against the wishes of powerful special interest groups is an immense accomplishment.

“Despite powerful organized labor unions spending millions of dollars attacking Cole and his attempts to pass items such as right to work and prevailing wage repeal, he sided with the public who has continuously displayed overwhelming support for these added freedoms and market based competition when using their tax dollars. This is the kind of leadership West Virginians have longed for.

“When faced with insurmountable odds and under a firestorm of attacks from political elites who are desperate to keep the status quo in place, he prevailed. And, there is a single primary reason he chose to take these efforts head on, because he truly cares about the plight of West Virginians who are struggling to find work. When comparing the resumes of every candidate in the field, with particular interest on their actions over the past couple of years, Cole has made one thing abundantly clear, he is the only candidate on the ballot who can usher in the West Virginia resurgence.”

* WHEELING – The Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO and Wheeling Area Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E) has announced the organization is endorsing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeff Kessler for governor.

It’s the seventh labor endorsement of the campaign for Kessler. He earlier received the endorsements from the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 141, West Virginia School Service Personnel, United Food and Commercial Workers, West Virginia Bricklayers District Council and the Professional Fire Fighters of West Virginia.

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