Gina McCarthy doesn’t deserve an award

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 13, 2016

Why give credit where it's not due? Why praise the unpraiseworthy? Could it be to provide a patina of respectability?

When we take them at face value, the outlaw in the white hat, the pandering politician, the corporate lobbyist masquerading as consumer advocate, the self-serving philanthropist, and other wool-wearing wolves can be more dangerous than obvious enemies.

What prompts such cynical musings? Just the announcement last week that Gina McCarthy would be honored with a Franklin D. Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Award.

Gina McCarthy the overstepping EPA Administrator who has waged regulatory war against West Virginia mining interests and put so many of our fellow citizens out of work in the process? Yeah, that's the one.

Why would anyone give her an award?

“In her more than three decades of public service, Gina McCarthy has been instrumental in promoting policies at the local, state, and federal level designed to protect the environment and public health,” explains the Roosevelt Institute.

Is that what those policies were designed for? No, that was merely the pretext to hide the true design: the destruction of the fossil fuel industry in America, for the benefit of other energy interests and for the benefit of our nation's enemies.

If such a goal were noble, McCarthy would certainly be worthy of an award for her contributions toward that end.

But it's not a noble goal, it's an ignoble one. McCarthy should not be honored for working toward it, but chastised instead, exposed for who she really is, and held accountable for abuse of her position and the damage she's done to our country.

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