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BORDAS & BORDAS PLLC: Arbitration Agreements Can Be Bad News for Employees – What You Need to Know

By Bordas & Bordas PLLC | Aug 11, 2018

In my work representing injured workers, I am increasingly seeing a disturbing pattern of employers having employees sign arbitration agreements.

DINSMORE & SHOHL: Dinsmore Receives Top Recommendation Rate from In-House Counsel

By | Aug 3, 2018

When unprompted and asked to recommend a law firm based on customer service, corporate attorneys said Dinsmore & Shohl LLP is one of the nation’s best, according to a recent report by BTI Consulting Group.

THE GRUBB LAW GROUP: Common Car dealers scams

By The Grubb Law Group | Aug 3, 2018

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in West Virginia, you’re likely concerned about being fooled by a smooth-talking car salesman.

JAN DILS ATTORNEYS AT LAW: Resources and Your Social Security Disability Claim

By Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law | Aug 3, 2018

Many people aren’t aware of the differences between Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

FARMER CLINE & CAMPBELL PLLC: Data on 2014-2016 car models shows which cause most injuries

By Farmer Cline & Campbell PLLC | Aug 3, 2018

West Virginia drivers who own a more recent vehicle probably benefit from various safety features like collision avoidance systems and automatic emergency braking.

NELSON MULLINS RILEY & SCARBOROUGH: 2018 Georgetown E-Discovery Training Academy

By Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough | Jul 29, 2018

Many litigators have had the overwhelming experience of being dropped into a case that has been working its way through the court system for some time.

FARMER CLINE & CAMPBELL PLLC: How modified comparative negligence plays a role in your case

By Farmer Cline & Campbell PLLC | Jul 21, 2018

In some personal injury cases, one person's negligence clearly caused the injuries, and that person is 100 percent responsible.

BOWLES RICE: Bowles Rice Ranked Among Nation's Largest Law Firms

By | Jul 21, 2018

The National Law Journal has ranked Bowles Rice at No. 345 in its 2018 NLJ 500 edition, published June 28.

BAILEY & GLASSER: State Tax Department sues, says it’s owed hundreds of thousands from since-sold hotels

By Bailey & Glasser LLP | Jul 18, 2018

The state Tax Department has filed a lawsuit in Harrison County Circuit Court against a New York commercial bank company and a firm that operated a hotel in Clarksburg and another in Elkins.

PULLIN FOWLER FLANAGAN BROWN & POE PLLC: What Happens to the Fee-Shifting Provision of the Wage Payment and Collection Act When Wage Claims Get Resolved Pre-suit?

By Pullin Fowler Flanagan Brown & Poe PLLC | Jul 18, 2018

Cameron Brown recently appealed a Circuit Court of Wayne County order denying his “motion for reconsideration” of the court’s dismissal of his original complaint, arguing that the Circuit Court did not properly interpret the Wage Payment and Collection Act in granting respondent Grayson Assisted Living, Inc.’s motion to dismiss.

THE CALWELL PRACTICE PLLC: What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

By The Calwell Practice PLLC | Jul 18, 2018

A class action lawsuit is a type of civil claim filed by one person or party on behalf of a larger group that either has a similar claim or has suffered similar damages. These lawsuits may be filed in either state or federal courts.

FARMER CLINE & CAMPBELL PLLC: Report predicts gradual effect of driverless cars on insurance

By | Jul 15, 2018

West Virginia residents may be familiar with some of the predictions that have been made about the future of auto insurance in an age of driverless cars.

BAILEY & GLASSER: Ford 6.7 Diesel Lawsuit claims emissions systems illegal

By Bailey & Glasser LLP | Jul 15, 2018

A Ford 6.7-liter diesel lawsuit alleges the trucks are equipped with emissions “defeat devices” that cheat federal and state nitrogen oxide emissions tests.


By DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons PLLC | Jul 7, 2018

We’re halfway through 2018, and it’s been a busy six months for West Virginian lawmakers.

WARNER LAW OFFICES PLLC: Slip and fall accidents may occur on Ice outside of Businesses

By Warner Law Offices PLLC | Jul 7, 2018

A man in another state recently claimed that he was injured at a McDonald's eatery due to the management's carelessness.

JENKINS FENSTERMAKER: Arch Coal, Inc. V. Lemon: When Job Activity worsens a noncompensable Injury

By Jenkins Fenstermaker | Jul 7, 2018

In a very rare WV workers' compensation rehearing, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has reversed its earlier decision denying a workers' compensation claim for a secondary injury.

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