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WARNER LAW OFFICES PLLC: Slip and fall accidents may occur on Ice outside of Businesses

By Warner Law Offices PLLC | Jul 7, 2018

A man in another state recently claimed that he was injured at a McDonald's eatery due to the management's carelessness.

JENKINS FENSTERMAKER: Arch Coal, Inc. V. Lemon: When Job Activity worsens a noncompensable Injury

By Jenkins Fenstermaker | Jul 7, 2018

In a very rare WV workers' compensation rehearing, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has reversed its earlier decision denying a workers' compensation claim for a secondary injury.

JIVIDEN LAW OFFICES PLLC: The truth about minimum liability Insurance

By Jividen Law Offices PLLC | Jul 7, 2018

Every West Virginia driver is required to carry a certain amount of insurance coverage to cover them financially in the event they are at fault for an accident.

FITZSIMMONS LAW FIRM: Bob Fitzsimmons recognized again as one of West Virginia's top 10 Super Lawyers

By Fitzsimmons Law Firm, PLLC | Jun 23, 2018

Fitzsimmons Law Firm issued the following announcement on June 14.Fitzsimmons Law Firm is proud to announce that Bob Fitzsimmons was again named one of the Top 10 Super Lawyers in West Virginia, an honor he has received numerous times.

FITZSIMMONS LAW FIRM: $2 million in punitive damages assessed against hospital in $5.5 million Medical Malpractice wrongful death jury verdict

By Fitzsimmons Law Firm, PLLC | Jun 23, 2018

Fitzsimmons Law Firm attorneys Bob Fitzsimmons and Brent Wear recently obtained a $5.5 Million jury verdict against Weirton Medical Center on behalf of their client in a medical malpractice wrongful death trial.

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