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Davis' Place bartender claims employer violated labor laws

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 22, 2019

A bartender has filed a class-action lawsuit against a restaurant operator, citing alleged failure to pay minimum wage.

Class action claims Highland Hospital violated labor and human rights laws

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 4, 2019

CHARLESTON — A former employee has filed a class-action lawsuit against Highland Hospital, citing alleged failure to timely pay wages, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Women pregnant during water contamination crisis to get checks soon

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 1, 2019

CHARLESTON — Individual review claims and claims for women who were pregnant during the water contamination crisis nearly five years ago will receive payment.

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Opioid judge rejects dismissal plea, orders first lawsuits to trial

By Daniel Fisher | Dec 20, 2018

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - Opioid manufacturers and distributors lost their long-shot bid to end more than 1,000 lawsuits against them as the federal judge overseeing multidistrict litigation rejected their motions to dismiss and ordered the first cases to trial next year.

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Opioid plaintiffs: A small percentage of pill shipments were 'suspicious.' Or maybe it's nearly all of them

By Daniel Fisher | Dec 14, 2018

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - Forced to identify opioid prescriptions they say were “suspicious” and never should have been shipped, Ohio cities and counties came up with a rough estimate. Very rough.

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Trial lawyers find unusual allies in fight against arbitration: Conservative state treasurers

By Daniel Fisher | Dec 11, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - Class action lawyers who see arbitration as a mortal threat to their business have found unlikely allies among some of the nation’s most conservative state officials.

Man claims he was tricked into buying extra products to get better Ford financing

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Dec 10, 2018

CHARLESTON – A Kanawha County consumer alleges he was persuaded to buy additional products when he purchased a vehicle believing they would improve his financing when the products were optional.

Health care workers accuse nursing service company of unpaid wages

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2018

HUNTINGTON — Two health care workers have filed a class action lawsuit against a Charleston nursing service company, alleging violation of applicable minimum wage laws.

Evans to hear case regarding state employees not getting paid properly

By Chris Dickerson | Nov 30, 2018

CHARLESTON – A class-action case regarding the state auditor’s office alleged failure to properly calculate and pay the wages of up to 40,000 p​​​​​ublic employees has been assigned a judge.

Consumer accuses Mo. law firm of violating West Virginia statute

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 14, 2018

FAYETTEVILLE — A Fayette County man has filed a class action lawsuit against a Kansas City, Missouri, law firm, alleging violation of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act.

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Report: Surging securities class actions over corporate M&A, 'adverse events,' a growing 'litigation racket'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 25, 2018

Saying the trend carries substantial costs for investors and the entire economy, a new report is calling for reforms to tamp down on the growing surge in the number of so-called securities class action lawsuits filed against companies over mergers, acquisitions or stock price drops - a phenomenon the report author called a "litigation racket."

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Time running out for lawyers suing opioid industry to show specific proof

By Daniel Fisher | Oct 20, 2018

The judge overseeing multidistrict litigation against the opioid industry has given plaintiffs a stark choice on a tight deadline: Hand over evidence of specific prescriptions they believe were improper or lose the right to present such evidence forever.

Former employee alleges energy services business failed to timely pay wages

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 4, 2018

HARRISVILLE — A former employee has filed a class action lawsuit against energy services companies, alleging violation of workers compensation acts.

Employee alleges VFW post violated wage payment act

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 3, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Harrison County man has filed a class action lawsuit against a Bridgeport VFW post, alleging violation of the Wage Payment and Collection Act.

Water crisis settlement victims should see checks within a week

By Kyla Asbury | Sep 6, 2018

CHARLESTON — West Virginia residents who filed claims in the water crisis settlement should receive their settlement checks within the next week or so, according to a law firm.

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