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Estate administrator alleges CAMC's negligence led to patient's death

By Carrie Bradon | May 22, 2019

CHARLESTON – A woman has filed suit against Charleston Area Medical Center over allegations its negligence caused the death of her decedent.

Woman alleges negligent care at Villages at Greystone caused mother's falls

By Carrie Bradon | May 22, 2019

BECKLEY – A woman alleges the negligent care of a nursing facility caused her mother to fall and sustain injuries.

Daughter of former Hidden Valley Center resident files suit over care

By Carrie Bradon | May 16, 2019

FAYETTEVILLE – An Oak Hill woman is suing a health care facility over an injury sustained by her late mother while in its care.

Kanawha County woman blames CAMC phlebotomist for hand injury

By Carrie Bradon | May 15, 2019

CHARLESTON – A Kanawha County woman alleges she sustained an injury to her left hand because of the actions of a Charleston Area Medical Center phlebotomist.

Former inmate alleges he was not provided medical care after beating at Huttonsville Correctional Center

By Carrie Bradon | May 14, 2019

CHARLESTON – A man alleges he was injured in a beating by another inmate while an inmate of the Huttonsville Correctional Center and did not receive medical attention.

Morgantown man alleges arthritic knee was misdiagnosed as deep vein thrombosis

By Carrie Bradon | May 9, 2019

MORGANTOWN – A Morgantown couple alleges the husband's arthritic knee was misdiagnosed by physicians at a hospital's emergency room.

Miner alleges CONSOL terminated him because of spot found on X-ray

By Carrie Bradon | May 8, 2019

WHEELING – An Ohio County man alleging that he was terminated from his job as an underground coal miner because he had a spot on his lung and could not pay for the tests his employer required to return to his job.

Former Mound View Healthcare worker alleges she was reprimanded for reporting suspected abuse

By Carrie Bradon | May 7, 2019

MOUNDSVILLE – A Marshall County woman alleges she resigned from employment with a Moundsville facility after she was reprimanded for reporting suspected patient abuse.

Daughters of Home Away from Home Assisted Living Center patient file suit over fall

By Carrie Bradon | May 3, 2019

GRAFTON – Three Grafton sisters allege their father was not properly supervised as a patient of a nursing facility.

Widow files suit against Ruby Memorial Hospital, others over husband's death

By Carrie Bradon | May 2, 2019

MORGANTOWN – The spouse of a late Mount Hope man has filed a suit against several physicians and medical facilities after he died a day after being discharged from the hospital.

Hilltop Center patient files suit over care after sustaining head fracture

By Carrie Bradon | May 2, 2019

FAYETTEVILLE – A Nicholas County woman alleges the negligence of a Fayette County nursing facility caused her injuries.

Man files negligence suit against St. Mary's Medical Center over wife's death

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 26, 2019

HUNTINGTON – A Wayne County widower alleges the negligence of a Huntington medical facility contributed to the death of his wife.

Raleigh County couple files suit against doctor over alleged negligence during surgery

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 24, 2019

BECKLEY – A Raleigh County couple alleges a doctor's negligence in treating a fracture has caused the husband pain and injury.

Oak Hill woman alleges physician selected improper hip replacement

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 19, 2019

BECKLEY – An Oak Hill woman is suing a doctor who allegedly was negligent in the details of a hip replacement.

Goodwin Foot and Ankle Center patient alleges surgery caused pain, functional loss in toe

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 19, 2019

WHEELING – The patient of an Ohio County doctor alleges she was caused pain because of issues from a surgery.

5 Things To Look For When Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney & How Brian Cummings Checks Each Box

By W. Virginia Record Submission | Apr 12, 2019

It is a scenario few of us ever expect to face. You or a loved one suffered a serious injury at the hands of people you trust: your team of healthcare professionals.

South Carolina man files medical negligence suit against Raleigh County dentist over tooth implants

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 10, 2019

BECKLEY – A South Carolina man alleges a Raleigh County dentist negligently placed tooth implants and caused the loss of those implants and other issues.

Patient alleges Ohio Valley Medical Center failed to diagnose osteomyelitis

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 8, 2019

WHEELING – An Ohio man alleges he developed paraplegia after a medical center failed to timely diagnosis osteomyelitis.

Serra Retirement Center, Weirton Geriatric Center named in suit over resident's death

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 5, 2019

NEW CUMBERLAND – An estate representative has filed suit against a Weirton nursing facility over allegations its failure to implement safeguards contributed to the death of a resident.

Son of former Logan Center patient files wrongful death suit over father's care

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 1, 2019

LOGAN – A Kentucky man alleges a Logan nursing facility failed to provide a safe environment for his late father and has filed a wrongful death suit.

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