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Daughter alleges nursing home's negligence caused mother's death

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 19, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Dunbar woman is suing a Kanawha County nursing home facility, alleging negligence and wrongful death.

Barbour County couple alleges medical care providers caused eye injury to husband

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Oct 19, 2018

GRAFTON — A Barbour County couple is suing Taylor County medical care providers, alleging negligence caused eye injuries to the husband.

Conservator alleges medical center caused patient to suffer pressure sores

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 17, 2018

PRINCETON — A Mercer County man is suing a medical center, alleging negligence.

State Farm sued after motorist injured in head-on collision

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A motorist is suing State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., after a motorist struck her vehicle in a head-on collision.

Summers County couple sue healthcare providers for negligence

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Summers County couple is suing St. Mary's Medical Center Inc. et. al., for alleged negligence.

Glascow Health Rehabilitation Center blamed by daughter for her father's death

By Bree Gonzales | Oct 11, 2018

CHARLESTON — The daughter of a nursing home resident has filed a wrongful death claim against Glascow Operating Co., doing business as Glascow Health Rehabilitation Center, and several Savaseniorcare companies.

Former patient accuses health care data provider of breach of confidentiality

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 8, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Logan County woman is suing a Charleston health care data provider, alleging invasion of privacy and negligence.

Family member alleges medical facility's negligence caused death

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 1, 2018

PRINCETON — A family member is suing a medical facility, alleging negligence caused the death of a patient.

Daughter alleges Thomas Hospital's delayed evaluation led to father's death

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 28, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Kanawha County woman is suing a hospital, alleging negligence led to the death of her father.

Wheeling Hospital sued for assault on employee, failing to keep employee information confidential

By Kyla Asbury | Sep 26, 2018

WHEELING — A couple is suing Wheeling Hospital and a physician after claiming they failed to protect medical information and confidentiality of an employee.

Couple alleges WVU hospital system negligence led to wife's suffering

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 24, 2018

MORGANTOWN — A West Virginia couple is suing the West Virginia University hospital board, alleging negligence led to wife's suffering .

Resident alleges nursing home's negligence cause her to suffer wound infection

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 24, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Kanawha County woman is suing a Dunbar nursing home, alleging negligent supervision led to her suffering a wound infection.

Family member alleges Huntington nursing home facility negligent in treatment of resident

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A family member is suing a Huntington nursing home facility operator, alleging negligence and reckless misconduct.

Woman files suit against South Charleston doctor over husband's death

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 18, 2018

CHARLESTON – A widow alleges a South Charleston physician was negligent in his care of her late husband in 2017 and that the negligence caused his death.

Patient accuses obstetrician of medical liability

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 18, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Prichard woman is suing an obstetrician and gynecologist, alleging medical professional liability.

Marshall County health professionals accused of negligence in patient's death

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 18, 2018

MOUNDSVILLE — An Ohio woman is suing Marshall County medical practitioners, alleging negligence.

Patient files malpractice suit against Scott Orthopedic Center over foot surgery

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 13, 2018

HUNTINGTON – A Huntington patient alleges he was injured in a 2010 foot surgery.

Former patient's family member accuses CAMC of negligence

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 6, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Kanawha County man is suing a Charleston medical facility, alleging negligence and reckless misconduct in the care and treatment of the plaintiff's relative.

Patient accuses Mercer County surgeon of negligence

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 4, 2018

PRINCETON — A patient is suing a Mercer County doctor, alleging negligence during surgery after a vehicle crash.

Patient alleges medical facility disclosed confidential information without consent

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Aug 30, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A patient is suing a Huntington medical center, alleging breach of confidentiality and invasion of privacy.

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