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Ohio Co. teachers sue school board for allowing hostile work environment, sexual harassment

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 6, 2019

WHEELING —Three teachers are suing the Ohio County Board of Education for the board's indifference to complaints made about an alleged sexual predator who was employed by the school board.

Former employee charges coal company with wrongful termination

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Feb 6, 2019

A former employee is suing a West Virginia corporation and its employee, citing alleged wrongful termination and violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act.

Marmet police chief claims retaliation after filing workers' compensation claim

By Philip Gonzales | Feb 5, 2019

A chief of police is suing the town that employs him and its officials, citing alleged violation of workers' compensation laws.

Buffalo Wild Wings server claims harassment and hostile workplace

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Feb 5, 2019

A restaurant server is suing the owner of the restaurant where she worked, citing an alleged hostile work environment and sexual harassment.

'King of Small Torts' Carper inspired by high school trip to courthouse

By John Breslin | Feb 5, 2019

Charleston attorney W. Kent Carper relishes being called the "King of Small Torts," a nod to the legendary lawyer known for the very large ones, Melvin Belli.

Woman sues state corrections division and warden, claiming hostile work environment

By Bree Gonzales | Feb 4, 2019

An employee is suing a correctional authority and a warden, citing alleged violations of the West Virginia Human Rights Act and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Property owner sues city, alleging negligence in operating sewer system

By Philip Gonzales | Feb 4, 2019

A real property owner is suing a city and sewer service providers, citing alleged breach of duty and negligence.

Couple sues City of St. Albans over sewer line issues

By Philip Gonzales | Feb 4, 2019

A husband and wife are suing a city and its sewer service overseers, citing alleged nuisance, trespass and strict liability.

Woman claims firing was related to her pregnancy

By Bree Gonzales | Feb 1, 2019

An x-ray technician/medical assistant is suing a hospital and a clinical director, citing alleged pregnancy discrimination, violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act, gender-plus discrimination and family responsibility discrimination.

Marriott sued for data breach

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 31, 2019

CHARLESTON — A lawsuit has been filed against Marriott International for allegedly failing to secure and safeguard customers' personal information in Maryland federal court.

Theater union member's sexual harassment case against business manager remanded to state court

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 31, 2019

WHEELING – An Ohio County woman’s lawsuit against a union and its business manager alleging sexual harassment and retaliatory discharge has been remanded back to state court.

Woman claims she was fired after claiming FMLA benefits

By Bree Gonzales | Jan 31, 2019

A facilities director is suing a public university and its alumni association, citing alleged retaliation.

Kenova sues drug companies for opioid epidemic

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 30, 2019

CHARLESTON — The City of Kenova filed a lawsuit against the drug manufacturers who caused the opioid crisis currently underway in West Virginia.

Trucking company sustained losses after collision, sues for damages

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 30, 2019

A trucking company is suing a vehicle owner and driver, citing alleged negligence.

Martinsburg College sues woman for defamation over Facebook posts

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 29, 2019

KANSAS CITY — Martinsburg College is suing a woman it claims defamed the school on Facebook.

Ex-wife says investment advisor failed to award her court-ordered assets

By Bree Gonzales | Jan 29, 2019

A woman is suing her former husband and an investment advisor, citing alleged noncompliance with a court's order.

Newspapers want federal appeals court to unseal data about opioid crisis

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 28, 2019

CHARLESTON — Two newspaper companies have filed briefs in a federal appellate court in order to obtain information involving the opioid crisis.

Woman claims age discrimination by former employer

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 28, 2019

A former employee is suing health care providers, citing alleged age discrimination and wrongful termination.

Woman sues Georgia collection agency alleging illegal debt collection practices

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 28, 2019

A consumer is suing a Georgia collection agency, citing alleged illegal debt collection practices.

Patron sues hotel casino, citing racial discrimination

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 25, 2019

A patron is suing a hotel casino, citing alleged racial discrimination.

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