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Dear President-elect Trump, please end the war on coal

By Chris Dickerson | Dec 20, 2016

Imagine a president using his office to safeguard the rights of the American people, advance our interests and increase our prosperity!

With Obama's exit near, Capito accentuates the positive

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 14, 2016

Shelley Moore Capito has spent much of her first two years as the junior U.S.

Three strikes and Ed Kohout is out

By Chris Dickerson | Dec 1, 2016

Edward R. Kohout has been suspended at least three times in the course of his legal career: once by the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University in Birmingham and twice by our Supreme Court of Appeals, this last time permanently. In case you're wondering, he was suspended from law school after being caught selling books he'd stolen from the university bookstore.

We're not indestructible, yet

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 21, 2016

Powered exoskeletons to make us stronger, brain implants to make us smarter –what will they think of next?

Good Gravy!

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 20, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: This editorial originally appeared in the Nov. 16, 2007, edition of The West Virginia Record. Also, both cases mentioned in the following editorial eventually were settled out-of-court and dismissed.

A chance to make West Virginia great again

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 16, 2016

“Well, well, well.” That's what the chap said when he saw three holes in the ground.

Some politicians lie, because they have to

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 8, 2016

It's called the narrative. Honest people would call it a lie, but idea-less politicians and demagoguing media call it “the narrative.” It's the story a thoughtless politician tells to make themselves look good and their opponents look bad. It has little or no basis in fact and is often the polar opposite of the actual truth.

Could anyone wish that Darrell McGraw were still state attorney general?

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 2, 2016

Everyone prefers good times to bad times, but there is one downside to the upside: If the good times last long enough, you can forget how bad the bad times were, you can start to take the good times for granted, you can get bored with the good times, and you can even start to remember the bad times fondly and long for their return.

Millionaire Reynolds says he isn’t

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 25, 2016

What is it with Democrats and their inability to call things by their right names? Theft isn't theft. It's income redistribution. Riots aren't riots. They're protests. Even when it's a good thing, Democrats feel obliged to call it something else or deny that it is what it is. Like being a millionaire.

Are you tired of being CONned?

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 18, 2016

The multi-year effort of two Illinois hospital operators to block a rival group from obtaining a permit to build a new facility in their service area finally failed this year when a state appellate panel unanimously ruled against them.

If Blankenship can be railroaded, so can you

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 12, 2016

In two weeks, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond will hear arguments on former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship's appeal of his misdemeanor conviction for conspiracy to willfully violate mine safety standards.

The Obama Administration's last-minute attacks on arbitration

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 4, 2016

Trial lawyers don't like arbitration, because arbitration reduces money-making opportunities for trial lawyers.

One religion we can do without

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 28, 2016

We never thought we'd see a conservative Republican attacking a cult-like religion, but now we have, and it's our own state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey doing it.

Thanks for everything, Mr. President

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 21, 2016

If you've ever lost a job, you know what it's like.

CFPB? Creating Fortunes for the Plaintiffs Bar?

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 13, 2016

With the Obama administration, overreach comes from every direction.

Goodbye, McHugh Fuller, and good riddance!

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 7, 2016

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Lear Jet Justice men, And we would like to ask you not to come back here again. You're not invited back to sue in this locality: You've had your heapin' helpin' of our hospitality.

What if it were illegal to choose where you shop, exercise, or worship?

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 30, 2016

Do you shop at Foodland, Save-A-Lot, Kroger, Walmart or some other chain?

Keep your hands off West Virginia schools

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 24, 2016

President Obama can pocket his pen and hang up his phone now.

The newest right-to-work state, sort of

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 16, 2016

West Virginia became the 26th right-to-work state in the nation in February when our legislature overrode Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's veto of a bill prohibiting workers from being required to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

Time to retire the Lear Jet Justice franchise

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 9, 2016

A sequel is seldom as good as the original, but fans of the first installment can rarely resist seeing the second.

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