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THEIR VIEW: A strong future for W.Va.

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 17, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When I first came to West Virginia more than 40 years ago, it was to work with coal miners and their families. Good people who worked hard and risked their lives so that the rest of America could turn the lights on and build a strong economy. Good people who counted on their jobs to put food on the table, build a home, send their kids to school, and save a little for retirement.

THEIR VIEW: Small Business Jobs Act provides tools for growth

By The West Virginia Record | Nov 10, 2010

On Sept. 27, President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act, the most significant piece of small business legislation in over a decade. The law provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with greater access to capital and more tax relief so they can grow and create the jobs America needs.

THEIR VIEW: State Supreme Court changes the rules

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 27, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- One of the beauties of the American court system is transparency. The vast majority of court proceedings are open to the public; court documents are a matter of public record; jurors are free to talk about their deliberations after the verdict is issued.

THEIR VIEW: Why repeal the healthcare act?

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 21, 2010

WAYNE -- It is with no little dismay that I note the number of candidates for political office who assert -- even brag -- they would repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act if they are elected. In my view, that is a little like throwing your shoes away because the laces are too long.

THEIR VIEW: Justice for all is the bottom line

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 14, 2010

CHARLESTON -- "Justice for All" is more than just a slogan, a quick, neat way to indicate the diverse and lengthy list of supporters of my campaign for justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court. It is also a kind of personal commitment, my heartfelt pledge by which I live. It is the only standard I have known, the fundamental ethic which I have kept every single day I have been fortunate enough to serve West Virginians from the bench.

THEIR VIEW: Manchin still dragged down by Obama

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 7, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- The latest TV ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee is the most direct indicator of Gov. Joe Manchin's serious problem this election year.

THEIR VIEW: W.Va. appeals process too restrictive

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 30, 2010

HARPERS FERRY -- Our state currently has one of the most restrictive appeals processes in the nation. It is one of only 10 states in the nation without an intermediate court of appeals.

THEIR VIEW: The world is not flat, but much of Colorado is

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 23, 2010

CHARLESTON -- For some crusaders, the facts just don't matter -- they twist them out of recognition or don't even look.

THEIR VIEW: Ignore rhetoric, watch political work

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 16, 2010

CHARLESTON -- As lawmakers gather in Charleston this week for our monthly meetings, the nation is wrapping up what has proven to be a particularly contentious primary election season.

THEIR VIEW: It isn't too late for the facts, is it?

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 15, 2010

CHARLESTON -- A recent article by the chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce provided me with much food for personal reflection. My basic understanding of history and statistics then inspired me to further investigate a number of these articulated "facts."

THEIR VIEW: About that Nike ad ... get a life!

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 9, 2010

MORGANTOWN -- You've heard by now that Nike changed the background of its promotional ad for the new WVU football "Battle Gear" uniform because of objections by mountaintop removal opponents.

THEIR VIEW: Bad legal climate -- not bad geography -- holds our state back

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 31, 2010

CHARLESTON -- It's no surprise that the newest leader of West Virginia's personal injury bar, Michael J. Romano, thinks our state's legal climate is fine as is. However, it was quite interesting to read Mr. Romano's recent guest column on what really hurts West Virginia's job prospects -- too many mountains!

THEIR VIEW: Candidates should rely on facts, not push buttons

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 26, 2010

Romano CLARKSBURG -- Reading Judge John Yoder's recent guest column in The West Virginia Record reminded me why our country is so divided.

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