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Manchin can support a stronger West Virginia

By Rebecca McPhail | Aug 14, 2018

CHARLESTON – As West Virginia’s economy recovers from years of federal regulatory overreach, the Mountain State received welcome news from President Donald Trump in the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Bipartisanship brings loan program expansion for small businesses

By Michelle Christian | Aug 7, 2018

Small Business 7(a) Lending Oversight Reform Act means more capital for growth

Continuing the fight against opioid abuse

By Patrick Morrisey | Jul 31, 2018

Continuing the fight against opioid abuse @WestVirginiaAG

Kavanaugh's nomination is part of Trump's dedication to America's comeback

By Mitch Carmichael | Jul 23, 2018

CHARLESTON – During his campaign in 2016, President Trump ignited the people of this country with his simple, hopeful message: He promised that he would make America great again. He believed simple concepts like lower taxes, fewer job-killing regulations, and a consistent, principled Supreme Court would be cornerstones in writing America’s comeback story.

Manchin should vote 'yes' to confirming Kavanaugh to U.S. Supreme Court

By Kent Leonhardt | Jul 23, 2018

With his recent nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy, President Trump is continuing his effort to make good by the American public. Now, it is time for Senator Joe Manchin to keep his promise and put West Virginians first by voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Local foods, state parks are a healthy, wealthy combination

By Kent Leonhardt | Jul 17, 2018

Let’s work toward a healthier West Virginia by utilizing the great outdoors to inspire healthier lives

Safeguarding West Virginia coal jobs

By Patrick Morrisey | Jul 10, 2018

CHARLESTON – Many know that West Virginia coal powers the nation, however, far fewer people realize and appreciate its significance to the steel industry.

Decisions are made by those who show up

By Eric Nelson | Jun 26, 2018

CHARLESTON – There’s an old episode of "The West Wing" in which the President stands in front of a crowd of students and tells them, “Decisions are made by those who show up.” It’s a truth I wish our Governor would learn and take to heart.

U.S. Supreme Court upholds Ohio, West Virginia voter registration process

By Mac Warner | Jun 19, 2018

CHARLESTON – Earlier this month, the United States Supreme Court handed a victory to West Virginia’s efforts to run fair and clean elections. This victory goes to our 55 county clerks and our dedicated elections staff who work day in and day out to ensure the integrity of our voter registration system.

Shale boom could benefit West Virginia economy but hurt landowners

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 19, 2018

CHARLESTON—The recent shale boom could benefit West Virginia's economy in different ways, but could also harm surface owners' rights.

Allen Loughry and 'The Sordid and Continuing History of Political Corruption in WV'

By Hoppy Kercheval | Jun 12, 2018

MORGANTOWN – One of the books in my office that I reference often is by Allen Loughry. “Don’t Buy Another Vote. I Won’t Pay for a Landslide. The Sordid and Continuing History of Political Corruption in West Virginia.”

Preserving the Second Amendment

By Patrick Morrisey | Jun 5, 2018

CHARLESTON – Americans who choose to lawfully exercise their right to keep and bear arms should be at liberty to do so.

Speculation rampant over Supreme Court investigation

By Hoppy Kercheval | May 29, 2018

CHARLESTON – The State Capitol was buzzing with speculation and rumors last week about the West Virginia Supreme Court and a federal grand jury investigation. Reporters were busy trying to separate fact from fiction, and that was a challenge.

Why would West Virginians want an independent senator?

By Don Surber | May 22, 2018

Democrat Joe Manchin told voters he would protect our Second Amendment rights if we elected him to the Senate. Once he got in, he proposed more gun control. Manchin also said he would vote to repeal Obamacare. In eight years in Washington, he has declined several opportunities to do so. But my favorite lie from Manchin came last August in an interview with the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

West Virginia has lost a great one in Chris Stadelman

By Chris Dickerson | May 16, 2018

CHARLESTON – Our state is rich in natural resources such as coal, gas and timber. But, some people say our best natural resource is our people. If that’s the case (and I happen to think it is), West Virginia lost one of its greatest resources last week.

Encouraging entrepreneurship for military spouses

By Michelle Christian | May 8, 2018

CHARLESTON – Each May we memorialize the men and women who sacrifice their lives defending our freedom. Often forgotten are the military spouses who give their all to maintain households and raise children.

Democrats should not help Don Blankenship

By Christopher J. Regan | Apr 27, 2018

WHEELING – “You can’t shake hands with the devil, and say you’re only kidding.” That’s the line that came to mind when I read about an effort by West Virginia Democrats to help Don Blankenship become the Republican nominee for US Senate by running ads attacking his competition. The scheme has awful risks, and a huge downside even if it “succeeds.”

The only issue in November

By Don Surber | Apr 24, 2018

POCA – As West ​Virginia Republicans grumble over our choices for the Senate this year, we have to look at the big picture. Judges.

Standing up for West Virginia's seniors

By Patrick Morrisey | Apr 17, 2018

CHARLESTON – Every West Virginian has basic human rights, regardless of age, to be protected from unlawful harm and suffering.

Confidence and optimism for small businesses in tax season

By Michelle Christian | Apr 10, 2018

Tax season tends to bring out a sense of dread. Whether you’re a business owner gathering a year’s worth of receipts in a file box for your accountant or a family scratching out formulas at the kitchen table, the paperwork and the ever-nagging fear that you’ve forgotten something makes mid-April our least favorite time of year.

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