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This just in: Kanawha County

March 31

Tobacco settlement lawyer fees never will drop

Tobacco company payments to states may drop as smoker choices change the market, but fees for trial lawyers who negotiated the payments will never drop.

It's time to stop lying: West Virginians deserve the truth

Jeffrey T. Jones Once again West Virginia is under attack by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and the billion-dollar corporations that it represents. The charge? That West Virginia's courts are the worst in the country.

This just in: Monongalia County

April 6

This just in: Putnam County

March 27

This just in: Ohio County

March 30

This just in: Berkeley County

March 24

Trial lawyers ads hit the airwaves

CHARLESTON – Advertisements critical of a recent ad campaign saying West Virginia legal climate is the least fair in the nation have begun airing radio stations across the state.

Text of radio ad for jump

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is running ads to convince you that lawsuits and the legal system are costing each American $886 dollars a year. But the Wall Street Journal reports that figure "includes payments that don't involve the legal system at all."

AG's $180,000 award to Tomblin's wife's college raises eyebrows

Darrell McGraw CHARLESTON – When a leader in state government gives money to the wife of another leader, eyebrows will rise. It happened March 29, when Attorney General Darrell McGraw awarded $180,000 to the nursing school of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

Mollohan's woes could be 'bonanza' for state GOP

Alan Mollohan Directing his attention toward West Virginia, political commentator Robert Novak suggests that Democratic Congressman Alan Mollohan's own ethical problems could hurt his party's chances of using the scorcher against Republicans.

Eagle Research wins case, $14.9 million

WINFIELD - Roger Decanio and The Sutter Law Firm didn't file a lawsuit on behalf of Eagle Research Corporation quickly enough to receive punitive damages, according to a Putnam County jury.

Renter sues landlord, claims sexual harassment

MORGANTOWN - A Westover woman is suing her landlord, claiming he repeatedly fondled her breasts and unfairly raised her rent.

Letter: DaimlerChrysler story was biased

Dear Editor:

Flood Trial Highlights

Flood Trial Highlights

Former gubernatorial candidate challenging teachers' pension vote

Jim Lees CHARLESTON - More than 600 angry teachers have called Charleston attorney Jim Lees regarding a pending switch between two state teacher retirement plans. He only needed one.

Potential substitute teacher claims discrimination

MARTINSBURG - A Berkeley County woman born with cerebal palsy is charging the Berkeley County School Board with discrimination after she was not hired for the position of substitute aide.

Bank calls man's scam 'nothing more than theft'

CHARLESTON - Marvin Carl Crowder, Jr. allegedly tried to double his fun with his bank account.

Mother suing dead son's estate

CHARLESTON - A woman who was a passenger in her son's fatal car accident is suing her son's estate for her injuries.

Woman sues over mishandling of father's estate

CHARLESTON - A woman is attempting to put an 11-year dispute regarding her father's estate to rest by filing a lawsuit against his widow.