This just in: Upshur County

March 22 Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Jennie L. Courtney PA-Erin P. Dyer; J-Thomas H. Keadle * Green Tree Servicing LLC is suing Jennie L. Courtney for defaulting on a scheduled security payment for a manufactured home. The plaintiff claims a total of $40,978.15 is now due and payable. Case number: 06-C-37 Mike Ross Inc. vs. Practice Expert of WV Inc. PA-Randall C. Levine; J-Thomas H. Keadle * The plaintiff is suing to recover rent in the total of $24,000 owed since the defendant refused to continue paying on the lease in November of 2005. Case number: 06-C-38 March 23 Buckhannon Auto Mall Inc. vs. Cecil H. O'Dell, et. al. PA-Richard W. Gallagher; J-Thomas H. Keadle * Buckhannon Auto Mall Inc. is suing the defendant for breach of contract after the he failed to make payments on a vehicle the financed by the plaintiff. The plaintiffs claim they are owed $11,567.90. Case number: 06-C-39

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