June 12 Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Scott E. and Stephanie L. McPherson PA – Steven Sluss; J - Beane * The plaintiff is seeking a court order ejecting the defendants from property FNMA acquired at 42 Mt. Pleasant Estates on Aug. 17, 2010, for $93,211.63 following a trustee sale. They also seek a declaration they are now owners in fee-simple of the property. Case number: 12-C-246 June 15 Jody S. Young vs. Tim Horton's USA, D. KAF, Inc. and John Athey PA- Drew M. Capuder; J – Waters * The plaintiff, a Williamstown resident, is suing the defendant, the American subsidiary of a Canadian business, for wrongful termination when she was fired on July 10, 2010, after lodging multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Athey, manager of three Tim Horton's franchises in Parkersburg, and Marietta, Ohio. Along with unspecified damages, court costs attorneys fees and interest, she seeks reinstatement to her job. Case number: 12-C-251

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