This just in: Kanawha County

By John O'Brien | Jul 21, 2006

July 10
JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Leonard Coleman
PA-Thomas H. Ewing; J-Walker*
JP Morgan says Coleman owes $42,025.33 on a loan. Coleman is from Elkview.
Case number: 06-C-1348

James Spears v. Hughes Supply Inc., et al.
PA-Gregory Elliott; J-Stucky
* Spears says he was wrongfully terminated from his job with Hughes, and his co-workers then announced that it was because of a drug problem.
Case number 06-C-1351

July 11
Christy Durnell and Thomas Durnell, M.D. v. W. Andrew Stewart, M.D.
PA-George J. Cosenza; J-Kaufman
* Christy Durnell says the Botox injection, medium blue peel and Restylane injection she received to her face caused her to have a herpetic infection on her face and has resulted in scarring.
Case number: 06-C-1357

Wiseman Construction Co. v. Bryan Krepps, et al.
PA-Truman Griffith; J-Berger
* Wiseman Construction says Cross Worship Center in Elkview has not paid it for construction work performed. It says it is owed more than $73,000.
Case number: 06-C-1360

July 12
David M. Wilson, as personal representative of the Estate of Earl W. Wilson and M. Floretta Wilson v. Conseco Health Insurance, et al.
PA-Thomas G. Wilson; J-King
* David Wilson says his father's cancer protection insurance policy was not honored. He says his father died of brain cancer.
Case number: 06-C-1374

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