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WV CALA urges return of 'straw man' campaign cash

CHARLESTON – A statewide legal watchdog group says elected officials and candidates who have accepted campaign contributions from a Mississippi-based lawyer should return the money.

Self-driving cars, thinking machines will test limits of tort law

Legal Newsline

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) - Self-driving cars, machines that teach themselves how to operate and home digital assistants that can enter into legally binding contracts are all either on the market now or soon will be. So the next question is: Whom do you sue when they run amok?

Observers say third-party litigation funding transparency likely to gain acceptance

HUNTINGTON – After Wisconsin became the first state to enact a law requiring disclosure of third parties funding litigation in the hope of sharing in damage awards with plaintiffs, observers following the issue have indicated that more states are likely to follow suit.

Ohio family alleges drunk driving in child's death

BECKLEY — An Ohio mother and children are suing a vehicle driver and convenience store operators, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and death.

Commercial real estate owner alleges clients owe more than $126,000

WINFIELD — A New York commercial real estate owner is suing West Virginia clients, alleging breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Clifftop property owner alleges tree service destroyed her trees

FAYETTEVILLE — A Clifftop woman is suing a tree service company and property owner, alleging negligence and trespassing.

Maine couple alleges Cessna failed to correct defect

BECKLEY — A Maine couple is suing Cessna, alleging breach of contract, negligence, breach of warranties, fraud and strict liability.

Preston Co. man accuses truck dealers of fraudulent withholding

KINGWOOD — A Preston County man is suing truck dealers, alleging fraudulent withholding.

City National alleges heating/air business owes more than $26,000

BECKLEY — A Charleston bank is suing a heating and air conditioning business, alleging breach of a promissory note in failing to pay more than $26,000.

Medical equipment company alleges supplier owes $2,500

LOGAN — An Atlanta medical equipment company is suing a Stollings medical supplier, alleging failure to pay more than $2,500 for goods ordered and unjust enrichment.

Policyholder alleges AFLAC breached contract

RIPLEY — A Jackson County woman is suing AFLAC and an agent, alleging bad faith and breach of contract.

Judge to issue right-to-work ruling by summer

CHARLESTON – Kanawha Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Bailey said at a hearing earlier this week that she plans to issue a ruling in the right-to-work lawsuit filed by unions nearly two years ago before this summer.

Opioid lawsuit removed to federal court

CHARLESTON – A lawsuit filed by four municipalities against 14 pharmacies regarding the opioid epidemic in West Virginia has been removed to federal court.

AG's office files action to force EPA to protect coal, steel jobs

CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's office has filed a petition to protect West Virginia coal jobs by demanding the federal government clarify onerous regulations that stymie the production of steel.

Commercial real estate company alleges customer failed to pay commission

CHARLESTON — A Kanawha County real estate company is suing the owner of a Charleston commercial property, alleging breach of contract and promissory estoppel.

Rural King customer alleges Bluefield store's negligence caused injuries

PRINCETON — A Mercer County woman is suing a Bluefield store, alleging negligence caused injuries to the plaintiff.

Putnam nursing facility alleges guardian, conservator owe nearly $40,000

WINFIELD — A Hurricane nursing facility is suing a legal guardian and conservator, alleging breach of fiduciary duty in failing to pay nearly $40,000.

California bank alleges convenient store failed to comply with contract

PRINCETON — A California bank is suing a gas station and convenience store, alleging breach of contract and tortious interference.

Moundsville couple alleges Dollar General's negligence caused wife's injuries

MOUNDSVILLE — A Moundsville couple is suing the operators of a Dollar General store, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Marshall County couple alleges energy company created nuisance

MOUNDSVILLE — A Marshall County husband and wife are suing an oil and gas well operator, alleging creating a private nuisance, negligence and reckless conduct.