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Inventory tax removal will benefit West Virginia

Dear Edi​tor: As West Virginians, we recognize the obstacles we need to overcome to achieve greater economic prosperity. We talk about it, mull it over, debate it, but not often enough do we decide and act.

Longest serving state lawmaker endorses road bond issue

Dear Editor: As a member of the Republican State Executive Committee, I feel compelled to write this letter endorsing the road bond issue which will be voted upon October 7th.

Thanks to UMWA president for helping save retiree benefits

Dear Editor: On the very best day in Washington D.C., it’s easy for interests of the everyday working person to get lost in the shuffle.

Coal will come 'roaring back' if given a chance

Dear Editor: In response to Hoppy Kercheval's recent opinion piece on your website, I think coal WILL come "roaring back."

West Virginia needs coal jobs and a better EPA under Pruitt

Dear Editor: Retaining a coal job over the past few years has not been easy, but I’ve been blessed to keep my job at Mepco. Still, like so many others in my community, I’ve been worried about the of future of my career over the past eight years as the “War on Coal” has seemed to have no end in sight.

U.S. Senate should confirm Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Dear Editor: It is clear that West Virginia has been a victim of Obama’s War on Coal these past eight years.

Clean Power Plan won't do anything for the climate

Dear Editor, Judges considering arguments against the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan ( must recognize that the rules will have no measurable impact on climate.

Morrisey’s office touts transparency

Dear Editor: Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has made great strides in instituting ethical, good-government policies on the state’s hiring of private lawyers for litigation, and he has worked to limit the amount of settlement dollars paid to these lawyers.

Charleston chiropractor draws praise from a patient

Dear Editor: Your recent article regarding Simmons Family Chiropractic, wherein a patient of Dr. Darby Simmons has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and premises liability, concerns me.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Justice Davis being wrongfully portrayed

Dear Editor:

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Session was a 'missed opportunity'

Dear Editor:

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legislature should have addressed jobs, education

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 42 Democrat incumbents supported cap and trade

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: When a law is not a law

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ABC letter full of inaccuracies

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