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Hey. Judge Loughry, you’re not that smart, and we’re not that stupid!

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 11, 2018

We know how District Attorney Hamilton Burger of the Perry Mason TV show would react to self-serving but non-exculpatory statements like these. “Incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial,” he’d say, and the judge would agree: “Objection sustained.”

Let’s fight against fraud together

By The West Virginia Record | Sep 4, 2018

Let’s fight against fraud together @WestVirginiaAG

Economics isn’t all that complicated

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 28, 2018

Summer break’s over, ​​​​and it’s back-to-school time. How better to celebrate than with a pop quiz?

Hurry! Hurry! These supreme court seats won’t last long

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 21, 2018

Anybody else out there looking to be a state Supreme Court justice? Now’s your chance. You could hardly do worse than the incumbents.

Not so proud and haughty now

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 14, 2018

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Justice Davis joins Loughry on the hot seat

By The West Virginia Record | Aug 7, 2018

Justice Allen Loughry is not the only one under scrutiny during the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment proceedings. Justice Robin Davis’ “questionable behavior” has prompted one legal reformer to recommend additional lines of inquiry.

Allen Loughry doesn’t exert much influence anymore

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 31, 2018

More than $40,000 spent on “working lunches” during a five-year period. More than $100,000 spent framing photographs and artwork. More than $1.5 million spent renovating justices’ chambers, one third of which went to Robin Davis’ office alone.

Safety tip: hazardous products are hazardous

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 24, 2018

No one would want to go through what Frank McClung went through, but few of the myriad users of Rid-It ever have – which belies his claim that the product was unsafe and lacked instructions for proper use.

A matter of public record

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 17, 2018

If some document or piece of information is a matter of public record, how can a public servant withhold it from the public?

The impeachment of Justice Allen Loughry

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 11, 2018

There’s something to be said for catharsis, not that anyone looks forward to it. In fact, most people do everything they can to avoid it. But, like banging your head against the wall, it does feel better when you’re through.

'You can’t have a scofflaw as a judge’

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 26, 2018

Despite his claims of innocence, suspended state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry should resign “for the common good of the state, the court, and the judiciary.”

Getting a class action certified is easy in West Virginia

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 20, 2018

Three customer complaints – about a nominal environmental fee included in their contracts when they rented U-Haul trucks – have morphed into a class action suit.

Do the right thing, Justice Loughry: Resign

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 12, 2018

Pomp and circumstance have their place. It’s good to show respect for authority figures, even if the persons occupying positions of authority are flawed mortals just like the rest of us, as they always are.

Someone must have left the faucet running

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 5, 2018

The arrogant justices on the West Virginia Supreme Court felt they had the right to augment their ample salaries with taxpayer-funded perks of their own choosing.

If you must go to court, be prepared

By The West Virginia Record | May 22, 2018

You have to wonder why some people bother going to court. It’s not just a matter of luck like the lottery, where all you have to do is buy a ticket and wait for the results to be announced. The process isn’t automated, self-propelled. You can’t file suit and expect the case to win itself.

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