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By Jennifer Fleahman | Nov 10, 2006

Nov. 1
Diane and David Amend vs. Linda Griffith, First National Mortgage Banc Inc., Eagle Mortgage Inc., et al.
J- Mazzone; PA- Vincent S. Gurrera, Esq.
* First National and Eagle employed Diane Amend as manager of their Wheeling office. Amend claims during employment she endured fraudulent, negligent and intentional abuse and sexual harassment which she reported to the owners. Consequently, her employment was terminated. Afterward, Amend claims her former employers incorrectly reported her credentials, licensing and employment abilities. The Amends also purchased five acres from Linda Griffith, an employee of First National and Eagle Mortgage. The property was mortgaged in the name of David Amend for $184,000. The closing was performed by notary Rebecca DiAngelo. The Amends claim another deed was wrongfully created for $21,000 in Diane Amend's name. The deed named Griffith as the beneficiary. The Amends claim financial damages, wrongful termination, harassment, and loss of reputation. They seek compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 06-C-403

Nov. 2
Dwight and Loice Houck and Loice Trucking, Inc. vs. Centre Foundry and Machine Co. and The Dyson-Kissner Moran Corp.
J- Gaughan; PA- Joseph E. Barki III and Stephen Vogrin
* Upon delivering Furfuryl alcohol to Centre Foundry, Dwight Houck was instructed to offload it into storage tanks which bore no label. The tanks contained P-Toluenesulfonic acid which caused a violent explosion in reaction with the alcohol. The explosion caused Houck permanent scarring and disfigurement. The offloading and storage of chemicals abnormally dangerous is liable in tort. Houck claims that DKM, which insures Centre Foundry, along with Centre, has breached its duty in refusing to honor his claim. The Houcks maintain they have lost wages and spousal consortium and seek compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees and costs.
Case number: 06-C-406

Nov. 3
Norman D. Hans vs. Glenna Kelly Horsburgh
J- Wilson; PA- Thomas E. White
* Hans and Horsburgh are siblings and owners of real estate on Wheeling Island, which was purchased for $16,000. The siblings agreed to be equal partners, each paying half of the total. Horsburgh only paid $2,795.00 and the difference was paid by Hans. Under agreement, he was to be reimbursed. They purchased an additional property for $8,000 and again agreed to be equal partners. Horsburgh was unable to pay her half, and Hans made the payment. It was agreed that Horsburgh would repay Hans for one half of the repairs, upgrades, and refurbishing costs. Her half totaled $12,696. Hans maintains Horsburgh failed to pay. She continues to live on the property and refuses to make any payments. Hans seeks judgment against Horsburgh totaling $21,901, punitive damages, costs, fees, interest and partition of the property by ordering sale and division of net proceeds after offset in Hans's favor which would cover Horsburgh's debt.
Case number 06-C-407

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