Jackson County resident Patricia Mann alleges in a lawsuit that she was injured after falling near the tee box on the sixth hole of the Greenhills Country Club's golf course in Ravenswood. (Photo by Lawrence J. Smith)

RIPLEY - A Jackson County country club finds itself in a legal rough following allegations that a Ripley woman sustained injuries while playing on its golf course.

On June 22, Patricia C. Manns filed suit against Greenhills Inc., owner of the Greenhills Country Club in Ravenswood. In her complaint filed in Jackson Circuit Court, Manns, 62, alleges Greenhills failed to make players on its golf course aware of a hazard leading to one of the holes.

According to court records, Manns was on the golf course on June 24, 2007. She alleges while on her way down a set of steps to the tee box on the sixth hole a hazard there caused her to fall.

Though the hazard is not specified in court records, Manns alleges Greenhills knew about it "by way of previous falls which occurred on the steps."

Also, though her suit does not provide specifics, Manns alleges she "suffered severe and permanent physical injuries" as a result of her fall. The injuries have resulted in her incurring medical bills and expenses, suffering "physical and mental pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and…lost wages."

Manns' husband, William, makes a claim for loss of consortium, and is listed as a co-plaintiff. Records are unclear if William was on the course with Patricia the day of the alleged fall.

They are seeking unspecified damages.

The Manns' are represented by Brent K. Kesner with the Charleston law firm of Kesner, Kesner and Bramble.

The case has been assigned to Judge Thomas C. Evans III.

Jackson Circuit Court, Case No. 09-C-75

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