CIVIL FILINGS: Jackson County

By Lawrence Smith | Jul 30, 2010

July 14
In re: The petition and application of Robin E. Shockey, administratrix of the estate of Denzil Wayne Shockey, for permission to settle wrongful death claim
PA – Brent K. Kesner; J – Evans
* The petitioner is asking the court to approve the settlement of wrongful death claim she made against her insurance company, Dairyland, and the insurance company of Kimberly Webb, State Farm, after Denzil Shockey died from injuries sustained in a collision with Webb in Belpre, Ohio on Sept. 28. Shockey is to receive $100,000 from State Farm, $9,000 from Webb personally and $20,000 from Dairyland for underinsured motorist coverage. A portion of the settlement, $25,000, is to pay an ERISA lien filed against the Shockey's health insurance plan following the accident.
Case number: 10-C-103

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