By Denise Simpson | Jan 14, 2011

Dec. 6
Stacy Painter vs. Cardinal Health 110, Inc., a Delaware corporation and Craig Baranski
PA- J. Marty Mazezka; J- Recht
* On July 14, 2008, in the course of and resulting from her employment with Cardinal, plaintiff suffered an injury. She was diagnosed with a lumber disc herniation and fracture of the left hip. Her doctor suggested a functional capacity evaluation to determine the safe limits to return to work. A letter dated Jan. 12, 2009, terminated the plaintiff on the grounds that her doctor did not release her to return to work before the end of 26 total weeks of medical leave. A judgment for compensative and punitive damages is demanded.
Case number: 10-C-425

Dec. 7
Ronald Blattler vs. Walter Phillips
PA- David A. Jividen; Chad D. Haught; J- Recht
* On April 19, 2010, the plaintiff was a restrained backseat passenger in his vehicle being operated by his mother while traveling south on Route 7. The defendant attempted to make a left turn from Route 78 when his front end collided with the driver's side of the defendant's vehicle. The law enforcement agency found that the plaintiff did not contribute to the cause of the accident. Physical and permanent injuries have been incurred and compensation is demanded.
Case number: 10-C-428

Dec. 9
Theresa Thomas and Mark Thomas vs. Jebbia's Market Inc.
PA- Shane M. Mallet; J- Wilson
* Theresa Thomas claims she violently fell on Dec. 9, 2008, due to the unsafe conditions of Jebbia's parking lot located on Market Street. Plaintiff believes some of her injuries may be permanent which aid to deprive Mark Thomas of her consortium.
Case number: 10-C-431

Tyrone Spencer vs. AES Industries Inc.
PA- David P. Robinson; J- Gaughan
* On Dec. 10, 2008, plaintiff was performing his work assignment at the AES facility on Peninsula Street. Spencer was caused to sustain serious compensable injures and damages when his left hand and fingers were violently injured by a power saw. A defective safety guard is claimed for the compensatory and punitive damages sought.
Case number: 10-C-432

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