CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Jun 24, 2011

May 11
John F. "Frank" Stottlemyer vs. Quad/Graphics Inc., and Steve Salimary
PA - Harry Waddell; J - Groh
* The plaintiff claims he was wrongfully terminated Aug. 19, 2010, in retaliation for his repeated attempts to bring the company's respirator program into compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety regulations, as well as his concerns about toxic exhaust fumes in a press room. He is seeking general damages, back wages and other relief in an amount to be determined.
Case number: 11-C-388

May 12
Branch Banking and Trust Co. vs. Roberto Noel Blasini and Lourdes I. Fourquet
PA - Charles Bagley; J - Wilkes
* The bank claims the defendants defaulted on the terms of an agreement from April 10, 2004, and now owe at least $29,459.71 plus interest.
Case number: 11-C-390

May 16
Misty Way and Russell Way, as next friends of Austin Way, a minor, vs. Douglas R. Greenfield
PA - Christopher Prezioso; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiffs claim Austin Way was severely and permanently injured by a dog bite on the defendant's property on May 16, 2009. They are seeking an undetermined amount of relief.
Case number: 11-C-411

May 17
Centra Bank Inc. vs. Jose S. Hernandez and Maria D. Hernandez
PA - Laurel Lackey; J - Groh
* The bank claims the defendants defaulted on an agreement from Feb. 9, 2007, and owe at least $66,835.53 plus interest.
Case number: 11-C-412

May 20
Winchester Medical Center vs. Rebecca L. Garcia
PA - Daniel Booth; J - Wilkes
* The hospital claims Garcia owes at least $35,222.86 plus $1,641.47 in interest for medical services and supplies provided to her in 2010.
Case number: 11-C-420

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