HAMLIN -- A West Hamlin grocer seeks to recover more than $57,000 he says was embezzled by a former cashier.

Guyan Supermarket Inc., dba Hudson's IGA, accuses former employee Cathy D. Adkins of Branchland of converting $57,061 during two intervals of employment totaling almost five years. She was charged, indicted and found guilty of the felony criminal charge and currently is on probation following a plea agreement.

Counsel Ronald G. Salmons and Jeffrey S. Bowen of West Hamlin filed for jury trial in Lincoln Circuit Court April 26.

"The Defendant knowlingly and wrongfully possessed and obtained the Plaintiffs property (money) through fraud, by manufacturing false register receipts, concealing the money, and then purposefully and deliberately converting the Plaintiffs money by taking it and removing it from the Plaintiffs premises," the complaint says.

Judge Jay M. Hoke will schedule jury trial to hear arguments for damages, attorney fees of $3,000, pre- and post-judgment interest, and such other relief deemed just and proper.

Lincoln Circuit Court case number: 12-C-49

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