CIVIL FILINGS: Monongalia County

By Donna K. Carlson | Jun 8, 2012

May 30

May 30
Deborah Mogus vs. Monongalia General Hospital
PA-ino Columbo; J-Clawges
* Mogus is seeking judgment against Monongalia General Hospital for compensatory damages. She was admitted and underwent surgery for a closed fracture of her left ankle. Post operatively she developed an infection in the wound that was determined to be clostridium perfingens. This bacteria generally originiates from the colon and found in human feces. Mogus had to undergo additional surgery and IV antibiotic therapy. She is also seeking past medical expenses, past lost wages, costs, fees and expenses.
Case number: 12-C-376

June 1
Karen Moore, David, Rusty and Lillian Davis vs. Sears Home Improvement, Debrons, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Terrance Boyd
PA-John Angotti; J-NA
* Moore contracted with Sears and Debrons to install a new hearing and air conditioning unit into her home. The air conditioner malfunctioned causing extensive water damage that infected the home with dangerous levels of mold. Moore, her son, daughter and daughter in law, who resides with Moore, were forced to move temporarily into a motel. In addition, Moore suffered lung irritation that required medical attention. The insurance adjuster, Terrance Boyd, offered to cover the mold damages only up to $5000 policy limits and denied the claim for flooding and malfunction of the air conditioner. Moore is seeking costs for all repairs, medical and hospital expenses and punitive damages.
Case number: 12-C-382

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