CIVIL FILINGS: Jackson County

by Lawrence Smith |
Aug. 31, 2012, 2:00am

Aug. 23
Jaffe Dialysis, LLC vs. MDG-FRE II, MDG-FRE III, MDG-FRE IV, LP, Matin Concepts, Inc., L & R Developers, Inc., SASI, Inc., in its own right and d/b/a Rod Parson and Donnie Raines
PA – Robert H. Sweeney, Jr. and Mary K. Prim; J – Evans
* The plaintiff, a Fla.-based business, is suing defendants MDG-FRE II, MDG-FRE III, MDG-FRE IV and Matin for breach of contract for failing to construct their building on 1000 New Stone Ridge in Ripley to standard and defendants L & R, SASI, Parson and Raines for negligence for failing to comply with state Department of Environmental Protection permits for drainage and overflow which caused water damage to the building, and $383,245 to repair it. They seek unspecified damages, court costs and attorneys fees.
Case number: 12-C-116

Aug. 27
Kristen Kearns vs. Ethos Healthcare, Inc. d/b/a Ethos Anesthesia
PA – Carrie Goodwin; J – Evans
* The plaintiff, a Charleston resident, is suing the defendant, an Austin, Texas business, for failing to timely pay her for work she performed in April at Jackson General Hospital. She seeks triple damages totaling $6,100 under the state Wage Payment and Collection Act plus attorneys fees and interest.
Case number: 12-C-119

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