Farm Bureau endorses Loughry for Supreme Court

By Chris Dickerson | Aug 31, 2012


CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Farm Bureau has announced the endorsement of Allen Loughry for Justice of the Supreme Court.

The West Virginia Farm Bureau, the largest agriculture organization in the State with more than 24,000 member families, is part of the American Farm Bureau Federation, which represents more than 6 million member families through this country.

In endorsing Loughry, Farm Bureau President Charles Wilfong said, "Allen is a man of integrity with conservative values who can be counted on to strictly follow the Constitution while serving the citizens of our state."

"The West Virginia Farm Bureau members represent the very heart of our state," Loughry said. "They are hardworking and honest people who embody the traditional values that have made our state a great place to live and to raise our children.

"I am also deeply appreciative of this endorsement on a very personal level as my family's farming heritage goes all the way back to the 1700s throughout most of North Central present-day West Virginia."

Loughry has four law degrees from American University, University of London and Capital University. He also studied law at Oxford University. He has practiced law at the West Virginia Supreme Court for the past nine years. Prior to working at the Supreme Court, Loughry practiced law as a Senior Assistant Attorney General arguing cases at all levels of the state and federal system including arguing more than 20 cases before the state's high court.

Loughry is the author of "Don't Buy Another Vote, I Won't Pay for a Landslide," a West Virginia best-selling book detailing political corruption in the state.

Loughry has served as a Special Prosecuting Attorney, Assistant County Prosecutor, Direct Aide to Governor Gaston Caperton, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Special Assistant to a Congressman, and has worked with more than twenty Supreme Court justices at both the Ohio and West Virginia supreme courts.

Loughry is a lifelong West Virginia resident and native of Tucker County. He and his wife, Kelly, reside in Charleston with their son, Justus.

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