CHARLESTON -– Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be in Charleston on Saturday to help Patrick Morrisey in his race against incumbent West Virginia AG Darrell McGraw.

Cuccinelli took office in 2010. According to Morrisey, Cuccinelli has been a leader in the fight against federal overreach by reining in the EPA, opposing President Obama's "War on Coal," and filing a lawsuit against "Obamacare."

Morrisey's campaign will have a press conference with Cuccinelli. Then, the pair will conduct two campaign stops in Charleston.

"We are getting ready for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's visit to Charleston on Saturday," Morrisey said. "Unlike Darrell McGraw, Cuccinelli has been willing to take on the excessive regulations coming out of the Obama Administration.

"If you are near Charleston on Saturday, please consider attending. We need to elect a new Attorney General to protect our freedoms and prevent Obama and his allies from running roughshod over our way of life."

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